About the Book

I spent a lot of time and effort into putting together the mother of all Internet startup handbooks so you - the entrepreneur - can get a foot in the door, make alliances and get funding for your dot-com co. Most of all, this book will keep you from getting dot-com screwed in this economic downturn. This is a sassy, straight-up look at the dot-com industry (I've also included the symbiotic companies that support it) and what it takes to be a success. There are some heavy fallout and consolidation periods ahead for the industry, and Dot-com Success! will show you how to waterproof your business plan and company for the Titanic tank-out in our future. Visionary Judy Estrin (former CTO of Cisco, CEO of Packet Design) gives us great insights about what's ahead. The people in this book represent millions in dot-com Success and include names like Guy Kawasaki (don't forget to check out Garage.com for a listing of its upcoming kick-butt conferences!), and the CEOs of Propel, SmartAge.com, Women.com, iprint.com, AudioBasket.com, Stockmaster.com, BenefitStreet.com, craigslist.org, LevelEdge.com, Half.com, Excite@Home, Contest.com, WinningPitch.com and others. Hear from CTOs, CFOs, COOs and marketing about how to start up a startup. Also hear from legends in the industry addressing cycles in technology and venture capital such as John Warnock (CEO Adobe), Bob Young (Chairman of Red Hat) and Carol Bartz (CEO of Autodesk) and a kick-butt introduction by Nolan Bushnell. Top VCs, angels and attorneys unravel the mystique surrounding term sheets and what they really want. Topics covered include an overview of the industry, the business plan, the pitch, term sheets, funding, finding and negotiating w/ prospective employees (great interview with Korn/Ferry), IT infrastructure, exit strategies (a ton of other great advice) and a great resource section. Sold yet??

I also wrote this in a very entertaining way so that it's an easy first-person (straight-up look at the industry with gonzo appeal) book to consume (with a ton of subheads). So read this, go forth and prosper. If you do make it in the industry, note that I'd appreciate an opportunity to look at your friend's and family stock package ; -) Feel free to drop me a note, I'm always looking for fodder. I did receive the rights back from Sybex after they did a completely miserable job promoting the book aided in their attempts to promote the book by Jill Lublin, a private book promoter in the North Bay who decided to drop the ball at a very key moment in the book's life, and go off on vacation with no one holding the bag...all the while being paid $4k a month to do so. My advice about a publicist? Get one that takes their job seriously. Anyhow, I do own the rights again and I'm giving this book to you in e-format if you'd like to read it.