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Inside Business Incubators & Corporate Ventures
by Sally Richards

Introduction by James "Jim" Robbins

Sally Richards experienced the "glitz" of the technology market in the mid 1990s and observed firsthand the corporate fallout of the past two years. Not only did many of the once-coveted dot-com startups fail, the hastily-conceived business incubators that funded their ventures crashed along with them. Yet the incubator model continues to be an important financial approach to supporting new companies and business initiatives. In Inside Business Incubators and Corporate Ventures Richards reveals why certain incubators, venture arms, and accelerators fell short and which models continue to build the bridge between genius and commerce in the Twenty-First Century.

Richards offers critical information concerning the best type of financing for your initiative. You will see why strictly for-profit incubators that seek a 30-50% equity in their startups have proven ineffective, and how those that accept a smaller equity in exchange for other benefits, such as more decision-making power, have positioned themselves for long-term success. Richards advocates the invitation of special interests city and state governments, private investors, and other corporations to join an incubator in funding a startup. These types of investors provide the fledgling business a network of invaluable contacts and mentoring resources while diversifying the incubator’s financial liability essential advice for the entrepreneur considering a means of funding.

You will profit from the author’s extensive interviews with the incubator pioneers of the past twenty years. Her extensive case studies include companies such as the Panasonic Digital Concept Center, which not only incubates startups but manages a venture capital fund and maintains a "Technology Partnerships" unit that crafts strategic alliances between startups and established companies. Richards also examines the Women’s Technology Cluster, the San Jose Software Business Center, The Enterprise Network, and the venture arms of Philips, E*TRADE and Autodesk, showcasing how each has developed a mutually beneficial niche in business incubation. Her exhaustive survey becomes a prescription for future investment approaches and provides an immediate plan of action.
"Money happens," Richards writes. "If we’ve learned one thing in all of our cycles, we’ve learned to take our cue from history and take with us the lesson that technology never sleeps, and those who do will lose."

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Your one stop reference on incubators, accelerators and corporate venture arms
Business incubators and the technology startups they funded enjoyed phenomenal success in the 1990s, only to see many of their bubbles burst at the turn of the millennium. And yet countless experts agree that during a period of market correction, incubators, accelerators, and venture arms stand the most to gain from technology entrepreneurs while savvy, individual investors enjoy the most potential for a maximum return. Now Sally Richards, a seasoned veteran of Silicon Valley and confidant to its premier powerbrokers, brings you a first-person view of both sides of the negotiating table in Inside Business Incubators and Corporate Ventures.

"Technology never rests and companies are under-valuated right now," the author writes. "Fortunes are born out of this kind of market chaos." You will learn where many of the strictly for-profit incubators went wrong and why many of the successful incubators today are those aligned with city or state governments, universities, or established corporations on a non-profit basis. Richards’ exhaustive interviews of all the industry’s pioneers, coupled with fascinating case studies of successful incubators, will introduce you to the prime sources of startup capital as the technology industry contracts and expands.

Whether you are looking to reposition or launch a new incubator, an entrepreneurial executive trying to determine the best source of funding, or an individual investor who wants to know where to place your money, Inside Business Incubators and Corporate Ventures is a gold mine of information on the past, present, and future of business incubation.

Table of Contents:

Introduction by James Robbins
Author Preface
Once Upon a Startup
A Brief History of Our World: The Incubation of an Era (James Gibbons)
Innovation and Reality
When Incubation was New Again (Nolan Bushnell)
Focusing on Good Incubation Practices (Tyler Orion)
Notes on Creating Wealth

The Hybrid
Panasonic Digital Concepts Center
Warrior Tool

The Women’s Technology Cluster
Software Business Cluster
Enterprise Network
The Enterprise Network/NASA

Grey Heron Venture Accelerator
LaunchPower Accelerator: Growing Companies

Corporate Venture Funds
Philips: Mighty Muscle
Autodesk: Building a Future
E*TRADE : A Different Kind of Animal