Dear Viewers!
Okay, so none of us have the time to actually go places anymore unless we can mix business with pleasure. So, this is a salute to all of you sitting in front of your computer screens wishing you were the hell someplace else. Let me know if you'd like to put your cam link up, and if you come across any dead links. At any time of the day or night some of these cams may have strange stuff happening, including animals mating at the zoo links, or people flashing the city cams. I am not responsible for life outside of my own realm - so you click the link, you take your chances. Who knows, you may even have a good time. Webcam technology is hazardous at best, so please make sure to save all your open files before you go exploring. Also, these links are in no particular order, so browse and have fun.

Enjoy your trip!

Sally's Web Cam Picks

Address TBA
Yes, it is me! And when it's not me, you'll see the fishtank with Yin&Yang or the various other wildlife (clients, interviewees, etc.) perched around my office. When the site is up, and I'm listening in, you'll also be able to message me live.

GhostWatch Cam
A young linen worker, named Helena Blunden, died after a tragic fall in a Belfast mill in 1912. There are many people who believe she still haunts the mill today. The printing company which is now based in the mill building alerted us to unusual, eerie encounters with a ghostly inhabitant. Check out the webcam...

Marty's NORAD Cam
And WHAT kind of research are they doing there?

Welcome to Hollywood!
Check outcams with views of the Hollywood sign. My friend Paul Hoffman and I once hiked out trying to get to the Hollywood sign - not an easy task. Failed stars were jumping off her letters and so they fenced it off. It was an odd thing - I was writing a scene with the Hollywood sign and didn't realize that it was so terribly impossible until we actually tried to work out the scene. In the end, I had to set the scene elsewhere. The place is guarded by these Nazi-like rangers who want to nail you with tickets. Pack water if you're deciding to go - better yet, go on an overcast day.... Lots of vintage photos on this site. Check it out!

Catalina Island View
Views from the Catalina Island Inn

Shamu Cam Live from San Diego
Would you rather be the star of an aquarium, swimming, swimming, swimming in circles all day and all night, or a whale being hunted for its blubber and oils? Hard choice, huh? I think I'd want a harpoon in the eye.

FAA WeatherCams
Alaskan Region's Weather Cameras
Federal Aviation Administration, Alaskan Region's Weather Cameras

Bora Bora
Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort (Bora Bora - French Polynesia). Not as live a webcam as it should be....

Old Cabell Hall
The view is from Old Cabell Hall, looking at the Rotunda and the "Academical Village" designed by founder Thomas Jefferson. In the foreground is a bronze statue, Blind Homer with his Student Guide, given to the University in 1907.

Live Vesuvius Cam
Some of the most breathtaking views of the Bay of Naples!

Quartier du Vieux-Lille à Lille, nord de la France
Vieux-lille Lille, France
Vue panoramique sur le pont neuf croisement de la rue du pont neuf et l'avenue du peuple belge

Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam
Watch her blow!
Just weeks before this baby blew, Bulova and I had been on our way to Seattle. What a beautiful drive down Hwy 5!

Alessandro De Angelis Cam
Alessandro De Angelis of Cern, Astroparticle Physicist caught live on his webcam.

See Steve Wozniak create the next great thing. The controls don't work, but the different views do - although no bookshelf to look at ; -(

Other guys working.... Mark is working? at his desk, he has a command on his site where you can ask him to wave to you.... This guy has eight webcams at his desk so you can make sure to see him wherever he is

The People's Cam
A web cam set up in front of a screen with a sock monkey (they can't be all that bad!) sitting in front of it. Check out this site, type in your words, creepy enough there's always someone there to respond....

Tehachapi RailCam
Watch the trains go by. A real cool site for train fans....

Boothbay Harbor, ME (Boothbay)

Jeez, this place looks spooky at night....

Portland Cams
If it's not raining you'll have a lot of views to choose from.

Birdhouse Spy Cam

East Carolina University Department of Theatre and Dance Computer Lab Cam
I thought what this would be was a cam in a dance studio with pretty people frolicking and jumping about. Instead, and strangely enough, it's really a computer lab.... What ever happened to dancing at a dancing school?

Chabot Space & Science Center's Astronomy Hall
Enjoy the view from atop Oakland, CA - hey is that Jerry Brown I see shaking his fist in the streets? The impressive 20" telescope, named Rachel, is the largest refractor in the western United States regularly open to the public. Its companion, the 8" Alvan Clark refractor, named Leah, is the original 1883 instrument donated by founder Anthony Chabot. Check out the future home of Nellie, Chabot's 36-inch reflector telescope. The new telescope is scheduled to open to the public in 2003, and will be one of the largest telescopes regularly open to the public.

USC Roach Cam
Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (Gromphadorhina portentosa) at the University of South Carolina. The site is what it is.... And I never knew they loved cat food so much ;-/

RHIT Aerial Robotics Lab

The task of the Aerial Robotics Club is to design, build, and maintain an aerial vehicle which is capable of interacting with its environment. The vehicle must be able to travel three kilometers to a building and relay pictures of the inside back to the base station. Sound Simple? There is only one catch: The machine has to be flown by computer. No Human control after takeoff. The rules for this year's competition can be viewed at:

Department of Atmospheric Sciences
The Department of Atmospheric Sciences, where students take daily weather observation at the Weather Station. They study weather maps, satellite and radar imagery carefully for the daily weather forecasts. Sounds pretty boring, but our weather people can't just all be beautiful talking heads, right?

Tim Mousseau's Lab Cam
A live video feed from Tim Mousseau's lab in the Department of Biological Sciences, room CLS 706, University of South Carolina. Tim's goals in his research are to: 1. Document the range of genetically based life history variation within and among populations of a given species as measures of past evolution, and the potential for future evolutionary response, and 2. The study of adaptive phenotypic plasticity, especially maternal effects. He believes that plasticity has frequently evolved (or been "shaped") as a consequence of gene flow in spatially or temporally heterogeneous environments.

Mauna Kea Telescope
The world's largest telescope dedicated solely to infrared astronomy, UKIRT is sited in Hawaii near the summit of Mauna Kea at an altitude of 4194m above sea level. It is owned by the United Kingdom Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council and operated along with the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) by the staff of the Joint Astronomy Centre, located in Hilo. The operation and development of UKIRT are overseen by the UKIRT Board.

UCB - this campus has a lot of cams, but I wonder if they're doing things in a PC type of Berkeley way and posting signs letting the passerby population know they're being watched by the world. I imagine it will only be a matter of time before a crime (someone hit over the head with a picket sign) is caught on the cam and its use as evidence is protested by the campus at large? Never a dull moment in Berkeley.... At least they have a nice campus (very little parking for tailgating though!) for those off years when we have to have the big game there. (Stanley Hall) (Lawrence Hall of Science) (from behind someone's blinds) (Evans)

UCLA BruinCam
UCLA admissions bldg...hella slow technology, but you get the weather.

Universität Bremen
Hier fanden fernab herkömmlicher Essensangebote auch Freunde der Fast-Food-Gastronomie ihr kulinarisches Zuhause. Und als besonderen Service hatten wir diese WebCam eingerichtet, so daß man schon im Netz sehen konnte, welche Imbisse geöffnet hatten und wo es gerade lange Schlangen gab.

Willard Library Ghost Cams
The Willard Library Ghost Cams were inspired by the question "Is Willard Library Haunted?" It has become a fascinating, and somewhat credible, legend that drives thousands of people to search the library for remnants of lost spirits. The site is a virtual ghost hunting mecca. Take a virtual tour of the library with Greg Hager, Willard Library Director, and see if you can locate the cams hidden in the building. offers three cams for your ghost hunting pleasure. The Children's Room cam and the Research Room cam are both refreshed every thirty seconds. The newest cam, which is located in the basement, is virtually live - it refreshes every second! They were offering cash to viewers who could spot the ghost, but the hunt is over and the entries are in. Check out the site though, pretty odd. Cam links located in upper left corner.

Ant Cam
Yes, in today's modern age, even the smallest (and seemingly most annoying) of creatures gets its "15 minutes" in a 24/7 dose.

Buffalo Cam
Hey, this isn't what I expected. I was thinking, big, hairy, walking the wide open fields kind of beasts. What I got was New York....

Bethany Beach, Delaware
Slow as hell, but what a pretty view! And the only webcam I've seen that has actual posted hours. I wish this cam had sound so I could hear the waves crashing against the boardwalk.

Go, Be, Move.... Have you ever wanted to live on a coast?
From coasts of New Jersey to SoCal, this site gives you the webcams and the resources (housing listings and community links) to move if the web cam inspires you. So, if you've been stagnent in your life, or are looking for a path out to whatever coast you crave - don't look back, throw a match over your shoulder and go.

Old Port of Montréal
Live from the Old Port of Montréal. I love Canada! Did you know if you're an artist in Canada you don't have to pay taxes? And the number of artistic grants for Canadians is amazing. Finally, a country that values creative people.
Here are some links on Prince Edward Island:

Pike's Peak
I have fond memories of long mornings in a tent with my mountain man in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The only drawbacks are that it's cold (most of the time) and the air gets thin really quick (which makes for some interesting head rushes). Otherwise, rent yourself a Jeep at the Denver Airport, buy yourself some camping gear in Boulder and leave the world behind.

The Amazing Netscape Fish Cam
Check out all of the cameras...I'm in love with the puffer fish.
Also see the FishEye View Cam

Panda Cam
Zoos suck. Although good zoos may do good work, eventually if a zoo isn't paying attention to what it is doing it will have far too many animals and they will sell them. The splitting up of the animal families is painful, especially when they are sold to questionable sources such as hunting ranches and roadside attractions. There is also another side of this - the purchasing of animals from poachers where they have been smuggled out of other countries and shipped to America.
See the following links for more information.
Also, I say that if we're going to have a web cam on animals breeding, that we should also have them in the bedrooms of the directors of the zoos. I have a link to this site because Pandas are the most exploited animal in captivity. They are very difficult to breed and if the breeding isn't successful (even after many years), they break up the couples and trade them with other pandas from other zoos.

Yamashiro Restaurant Webcam
This mountain palace is nestled deep within the Hollywood Hills, and sweeps across the Los Angeles landscape to bring images of the Hollywood Sign, Century City, and other downtown L.A. hotspots direct to your desktop. Rick Yamashiro, are you watching (remember those midnight trips to Taco Bell?)?

Casey Station Webcam, Antarctica
Mawson station is the only Australian station website which currently complies with the new Government Online Strategy accessibility requirements. The other station websites will comply over time, but the Southern Hemisphere summer is a particularly busy time for their expeditioners.

Santa Monica Pier Cam
If you can't be there live, better to pine from this link. One of Sally's favorite places to hang with Paul Hoffman.

Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz
Sally's old house had a view of Pleasure Point off of the balcony.

Venice Beach Cam
Live from the On the Waterfront Cafe.

Downtown LA
Get your Downtown LA fix right here. Electric Earl runs a fabulous LA site with some kickin'-it links.

KPIX SF Live Cam
Great City by the Bay views if you're feeling sappy at sunset.

Aussie Cam
South Melbourne and Melbourne Beach Weather Station. Great sunset cams if you're wishing you were somewhere else.

Live DashDeli Cam
Watch the going-ons of Fairbanks, Alaska from this cam. Even if you're in Minnesota you're probably enjoying better winter weather. Check out the Talkeetna Roadhouse Alaska Bachelor Ball in December. Wrangle up a couple of great bachelors in the bachelor auction. This is a fabulous place to meet wonderful, muscular men who can build you a picnic table if you ever needed one. If you have a girlfriend who just had a bad break up - buy her a plane ticket and send her on her way.

PolarCam, Alaska
Watch Anchorage, Alaska drive by on a major thoroughfare.

Hawaii Traffic Cam
Hey, there is traffic worse than the Bay Area - but, man, what a view!

Beautiful Oregon sunsets.

FerryCam, Puget Sound
Can you believe people put their cars on boats to go to work! Check out the ferry sound! This URL does trap you, but hit your return button about 10 times fast and it will send you back to home. This sucks.

What a great place to unplug from everything. It's sooooo old that everything else melts away. Stop in Manhattan for a shopping spree at Banana Republic, get up the nerve and take a car to JFK. Check out for the best safari guides - Victor, where the heck did you go??? Bill, have you made your reservation, yet?

Hello to my family away from home! Cheers to, Frank, Helga & Anastasia!

Paris Live!
Now this is a great city that never sleeps! I love Paris in the very early morning just before the sun comes up.

Loch Ness Monster Cam
This place is a trip, like Area 51 in the middle of a dank lake. These people take their Nessy seriously, so don't pull any antics here!

Trafalger Square
Is that Gabi Richard with that shopping bag?!

Soho, London
Oh, the times we had! Didn't this used to be LeBeat Route?

Can't we all just get along!

Haggis (only one way to find out)
Looking for haggis? Try the haggis night cam.

Alaska Cam
Go, be, live! Man Alaska is fabulous! Go and experience endless days?endless nights?this is a state that knows how to get down and party! Although you'd never know it using this webcam.

Live from Western Wall at Aish.

Hong Kong
I haven't been there since they built the new airport, but the old one was hard to forget as the wingtips of the planes nearly tipped over junks on the descent! Great city, fabulous shopping and even better food!

Headquarters of ephibian! Not the university, just the city. Watch for the ephibian webcam, coming soon!


Go camping! Pack a picnic basket for the bears & live a little!! This was the local for the Great Camping Trip of 2000 where Stuart's Miata got taken for a joyride by some hooligans, but it was returned. These things work out in the end, and the rest of the gang got to say, "You shouldn't have left the keys in the car, Stu!" Investment bankers need a little reality in their lives once in a while.

Old Faithful
Why is it that nearly every tourist stop has a blow hole?

The Wedding Cam
Don't do it! I would have paid for that advice! Sometimes I'll be watching live and a nervous-looking couple will come walking between the pews and I'll call the chapel and tell them to warn the bride or groom. The toll free number is 800.545.8111. A Little White Chapel has hosted weddings since 1954, and numerous celebrities have said their vows there, including Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. (Mickey Rooney liked the chapel so much that he was married there twice.) On popular wedding days, such as Valentine's Day, the chapel may perform more than 500 ceremonies. Recently on a Vegas binge on Thanksgiving 2000, I was actually responsible for having this guy call his Canadian girlfriend to get hitched. Meanwhile, Lisa, Doug, Rene and far too many people to remember their names traipsed around Vegas until dawn when his girlfriend arrived and I had to be on a plane out of town. Doug, you still owe me the digital pics so I can post them!

Mardi Gras!
Bourbon Street Cam, not at all like being there but maybe as close as you can get without getting on a plane. They do have archives. Jeff and I had a wonderful stay in The Quarter for our first anniversary. Don't stay at the Andrew Jackson - we stayed there for one night and the roof caved in about 4am and all the alarms went off. Instead of comping us, they actually charged MORE than what was quoted over the phone. The place sucks, and the rooms don't have proper venting. Stay next door at the Corn Stalk Fence Inn - a beautiful place, but be aware that you can't actually use those fireplaces they feature as an asset in their suites.

Live from the Panama Canal
A place where I almost became a foreign correspondent-the heated politics died down just as I was packing my bags. I always miss the good stuff!

Live from Times Square (45th & Broadway)
New Yorkers...
Is that Duane Bousfield!? Man, the times I've had in New York. You can still order dinner in Times Square by the time someplace is just opening for breakfast in SF.

SkyDeck, Embarcadero, San Francisco
San Francisco
More SF. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Shark Tank at the Waikiki Aquarium
My venture capitalist friends (just kidding!)

The Sun
Look right into it
This is sooooo strange. Seems like this isn't for real.

Check out (Erik) Max's Cat Beowulf. I think he looks just a little bored (but, the most well behaved cats do have that look about them). Perhaps setting some mice loose would liven up the Webcam action....

Amsterdam Cams

Pat and I were 17? 18? Something like that when we found ourselves without shoes (somehow they were just gone) and wondering/wandering about for days until we found our bearings. And then this guy yelled and jumped into one of the canals (the ones with the smooth edges), good thing someone jumped in and got him! We bought other shoes from street vendors, but they were so uncomfortable (those Eurpean sizes are difficult to peg) and we kept tossing them away and buying new ones. I felt like Amelda Marcos in training. We ended up on a ferry, going the opposite direction of where we were staying. I'll never forget how cold the ground gets at 3AM in Amsterdam without shoes. Too bad there's no Bull Dog or Milky Way Cam, they'd have a lot more visitors if you got to check out the action there.

Boulder Cam
Boulder is a fabulous place, the Pearl Street Mall is my favorite! The walnut Brewery is a great time (don't forget to order those rocky Mountain Oysters!). I finally visited the Buckhorn Exchange in Denver (okay not Boulder), but I have to mention their rattlesnake in red chili and lime!!! To die for! Check out the Fox Theatre in Boulder they have amazing shows there-I saw Big Head Todd there one year. Go to the Soiled Dove if you want great food and good outdoor entertainment when the weather is warm.

Chaweng Beach, Samui
This is an excellent place for a side trip if you're in Thailand for business. The water is so warm you can swim at midnight and the food is great! The Chewang Villa Resort is a lovely place to stay. It has very private individual hut/hotel rooms that remind me of colonial times, a fabulous restaurant specializing in fish and great nightlife. When you finally get to sleep around dawn, you can just put on a swimsuit, put out a towel, and tip the waiter to wake you up every hour to flip you over. By noon, it's time for a swim and lunch. A few more hours in the sun and then it's off to the shower and getting ready to do it all over again. Pat, Jake, Tom and I stayed a week, rented a jeep and never once got bored.