Hey, these are my favorite website picks. The order they are placed is a lesson in chaos (at least there are subheads). So have fun sorting through them and I hope you find something you really love. Let me know if you know of any cool links.


For all of those people who continue to send you annoying petitions
Send them this link (there’s a reason why I listed this first)

Commercial Sites
Lark in the Morning Music Store & Camp
Bad Review

Coast to Coast Radio
Find it on your AM dial - or on the Internet
George Noory and Art Bell do a tremendous job of getting the word out on a whole lot of subjects that don't get discussed on prime time, mainstream media. From UFO to Lumarians these guys discuss it all. I love that I can turn it on and actually hear people I know - like Seth at SETI and physicists galore. Check it out - you can usually get them on the AM dial - I drove from San Diego to Seattle and managed to find them just about everywhere. I vote them the best AM channel - hands down!

ephibian is a fantabulous infrastructure architecture company. Hey, and it’s a woman CEO (Teri Spencer) at the helm!

See what antics Jamis MacNiven is up to ;-) This is THE place where people meet to do the deals in Silicon Valley. And what a menu!The collection of Americana (and beyond) is well worth the trip.

If seeking jobs, love & community. Craig Newmark, the company’s CEO, is not only cool, but he also bootstrapped his company and didn’t take a dime of venture capital. Craig rocks! Fabulous place to list jobs.

Guy Kawasaki’s most excellent startup company. This is a great site for resources & go to the bootcamp conferences if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll really meet some quality people there.

Brenna Bolger & Steve Mangold’s excellent PR agency. They’ve taken a lot of companies to the top.

Women looking for career guidance and community can go here to grow their careers and to become a mentor to others. Check out their live interviews and their video interview selection. This is a great site it you want to inspire young girls into getting into math & science.

Sally's favorite search engine

Sally's favorite online link to buy her camera stuff

Great resource to find just about anyone around the country. Lots of pop-up and annoying advertising.

The site you should visit just for chuckles when you think your singledom has hit rock bottom.

Best site to find out about virus hoaxes.

Sally's favorite map site as she winds her way from door2door, although they have a real problem with updating street names and new streets, watch out for the Army St. exit.

Sally pays homage to Jolt Cola. Cold caffeine for long working nights.

A great place to find backgrounds for your website.

Nonprofit Links
The Homeless Cat Network
If you’re looking for a wonderful cause and a great tax deduction give a little cash to The Homeless Cat Network. These people work really hard to find homes for cats who for various circumstances have lost the roof over their heads. They also have featured cats up for adoption and are also in need of temporary homes. They also have a no-kill policy, unlike the Peninsula Humane Society, that for lack of a better name I just call Auschwitz. The dot-com exodus has really effected the pets who were adopted by these optimistic

Biota Africa
Biota Africa Org
Biodiversity is one of the most important resources for mankind on earth. It is the essential basis for the functioning of natural ecosystems and of great relevance and potential not only for the livelihood of the people but also for various technical and agricultural aspects of economy. There is and will be an increasing need to develop new strategies to deal with the dramatic environmental changes caused by the rapid increase in the human population and by the economic development. An adequate protection and management of biodiversity will play a key role in such strategies.Biodiversity is currently undergoing rapid changes associated by a remarkable loss in species richness. This trend is expected to continue. This may be especially true for the still relatively less degraded biomes of southern Africa.The dramatic changes of biodiversity are not only expressed in a loss of future potential embedded in the organisms but at the same time effects the quality of environmental conditions and thus the living conditions of the people. The change of biodiversity as a shift in species composition can directly effect the quality of life when resulting in a change of land use practises, maintenance, economic possibilities or even in a general degradation of the abiotic resources of a region or landscape. Often, the course of such processes is slow and difficult to be traced back. Very often the consequences for local people are only perceived indirectly, e.g. when looking at the important socio-economic changes like increased emigration to the cities or the rise of violent conflicts. BIOTA AFRICA aims to create a significant contribution to the international convention on biodiversity (UNCBD) and follows the guidelines of the international biodiversity task force of the UN, DIVERSITAS.

Women in Technology, Inc.
The Women in Technology, Inc., is another women's based organization that holds conferences across the country where you can hear fabulous people in technology talk about how they did it. You can also join local chapters to meet technologists who are looking for jobs, or who might make good partners.

The IndUS Entreprenuers is an organization chartered by entrepreneurs, corporate executives and senior professionals with roots or interest in the Indus region, with the explicit goal of benefiting all entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs and professionals with an interest in entrepreneurship.

The Silicon Valley Engineering Council
The Silicon Valley Engineering Council is a great website to link to any of its member organizations and meet at other technologists and entrepreneurs at your local chapter event.

Global LightWorks
The Global LightWorks Foundation
Lucie Newcomb is one fabulous who can move big mountains to help people who need it. She is president of The Global LightWorks Foundation -- a very worthy organization. The organization's goal? To enhance the quality and quantity of opportunities for more Light and Love on earth, particularly with respect to marine life, wild life, children and spiritual education. To bring more of Heaven to Earth by holding the highest vision for each of our projects and all the souls they will reach. We honor both Divine and Free Will in achieving the highest outcomes available. To acknowledge our roles as co-creators, thereby establishing and honoring our project partners as already empowered and complete. To grow in love, wisdom and understanding; encouraging transformation within both the process and results of these projects and this sacred work. Global LightWorks is pleased to highlight the work of three special US-based entities and two of our Umtha ("Ray of Light") Initiative project partners in Africa: * CoreLight and its transformational projects in South Africa for healing both infected children (www.seedsoflight.org) and lions (www.corelight.org/lions/lions.html). * The Ocean Conservancy (www.oceanconservancy.org) works hard to envision and create healthy and protected oceans with wild, thriving ecosystems and abundant, diverse marine life. They also feature a number of ways for citizens to get involved, from political action to whale-watching trips. * Ark of Refuge (www.arkofrefuge.org) is the community outreach arm of San Francisco's City of Refuge church. Founded with the aim of serving the area's disenfranchised populations, the Ark served over 5,000 people in 2003 alone with its residential and community programs. It specializes in supporting HIV-AIDS sufferers in both the USA and Africa. We are so impressed with their volunteer-driven efforts, we nominated them for the San Francisco Foundation's Community Leadership Awards. * The GOSSACE AIDS Orphanage, Golomola Village, Uganda Founded in 1995 by 12 HIV-positive folks who found themselves caring for their deceased relatives' children. When you designate a donation to GOSSACE (or any of our project partners), 100% of your donation goes directly to the project. * Thembalethu Home Based Care (www.thembalethu.org)is an NGO that provides home-based care to people dying of Aids in 13 villages at the South African-Swazi-Mozambican borders. They also care for 2,000 orphans who don’t get the State's child care grant of $50+/- monthly because their parents’ death certificates are missing. It is estimated that in 10 years, this Mpumalanga region alone will have over 200,000 orphans. Ex-teacher and founder Sally McKibbin has worked in this region for 15 years and was awarded an MBE for her work with refugees.

Check craigslist out for jobs, housing, love, whatever. Very hot site for immediate love connections! Whew!

Forum for Women Entrepreneurs-rocks! A fabulous organization for women on their way up. This organization sponsors Springboard every year where women entrepreneurs get an opportunity to pitch their startups to VCs and angels. Cofounder & CEO Denise Brosseau rocks!

Guy Kawasaki's website that has a few great resource lists where you will be on a list with a ton of your peers who are going through the same thing that you are. Also, information about the Garage.com bootcamps and other conferences for professionals in the business.

A great site to post listings for your team and employees. You can also subscribe for free and see what new dot-coms are posting and if the competition is getting a foothold. Also a great place to look for a place to live if you're going to one of the many major cities craigslist.org covers. Great place to post a listing if you're single - never a dull moment in that section - great for the emergency sex entrepreneurs are always in search of. Seriously though, it’s a great place to meet others in the community who are into wtech. The site has great parties and a fabulous events list.

A fabulous team of tech experts who are currently looking at companies to virtually incubate with their technology. This is a company that has been around, is making money and is succeeding in this market. They really do a great job.

Gray Cary is one of the most well-respected and experienced law firms in the Valley. They have a great resource section and have fabulous seminars you can't afford to miss.

The SBA's business plan outline

Stanford's Office of Licensing and Technology. Great links for entrepreneurs.

A great place to list your investment opportunity, also has a great resources page.

A great site for entrepreneurs to form new teams and find new reason to create again. Nick Hall rocks! And he has some of the most extensive links for entrepreneurs that I've seen.

Mike Baird and Jim Swanson have a kick-ass virtual incubator in Los Altos. Two of the greatest guys I know! You can also order a copy of their book Engineering Your Startup: A Guide for the High-Tech Entrepreneur from the site. It's a hands-on book-great stuff.

Not for the weak of heart! Check IPO & stock news

An online resource all about entrepreneur funding ranked one of the top 100 sites by entrepreneur.com, the online division of Entrepreneur Magazine.

Subscribe to venturewire to get an email listing every day of who is getting funding and from whom.

Great Organizations
Amnesty International
www.thelivingweb.net/punishment_and_instruments_of_torture.htmlA great organization and if you get a chance to see the "Implements of Turture" tour, check it out. How many ways can you make someone wish they were dead? Even the U.S. government has once again thrown its torture card into the hat. The U.S. is now torturing on a daily basis and hiding under "in times of war," blanket. Give to Amnesty International, it could be you one day on the other side of that implement of torture.

FWE — Hey, if you're a woman in technology, join this group - I think you'll be really pleased about the quality of people you meet through the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. There are chapters located throughout the country.

GirlGeeks — A fabulous women's organization that will lead you to finding others like yourself. They have some great chats with leaders in technology that you can tune into.

The Silicon Valley Engineering Council is a great website to link to any of its member organizations and meet at other technologists and entrepreneurs at your local chapter event.

The IndUS Entreprenuers is an organization chartered by entrepreneurs, corporate executives and senior professionals with roots or interest in the Indus region, with the explicit goal of benefiting all entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs and professionals with an interest in entrepreneurship.

The Women in Technology, Inc., is another women's based organization that holds conferences across the country where you can hear fabulous people in technology talk about how they did it. You can also join local chapters to meet technologists who are looking for jobs, or who might make good partners.

Writer Links
Fabulous resource for writers
Whether you're a published writer, or not, this site has great articles on how to get published in specific pubs and publishing houses. Get advice from people in the publishing industry to avoid the pitfalls and enjoy publishing success.

Donie Nelson, Hollywood scriptwriting coach. She helps writers find their potential and guides them on their way. She is a fabulous resource and has a really great track record.

One of my favorite places to visit when I’m LA. This is a great place to get scriptware (my favorite is Final Draft — wrote a screenplay over a weekend with it). A great bunch of people. Provides info about screenplay seminars and a newsletter with tips.

Great source of inspiration, and you’ll see an article by Sally every once in a while.

Links for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)

Writer’s Guild of America.

American Civil Liberties Union. Thank goodness for the ACLU - especially with George Bush in Office. Give generously to the ACLU, could be your home being entered without a warrent, or your book being banned see: onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/banned-books.html for a history of books baned by U.S. and state governments.

Bookwire.com is the Publisher's Weekly host

People Links
Frederick Lane
To Fred Lane
Check out Author Frederick Lane! He is busy fighting the good fight and making sense of Big Brother tactics. What you don't understand can hurt you, so get your heads out of the sand and visit his site - there's a great list of reference links. Read and learn! is a nationally-recognized expert on the origins and growth of the online pornography industry. His first book, Obscene Profits: The Entrepreneurs of Pornography in the Cyber Age, was the first to study adult websites and remains the standard today. Since the release of Obscene Profits, Lane has appeared on numerous national television and regional radio programs to discuss and explain the business of pornography.

Lane has been a frequent lecturer and speaker on issues of technology, obscenity, pornography, and the law. As part of his on-going research in this field, he has maintains and routinely adds to a research database of more than 15,000 articles stretching back more than two decades.

My favorite Physicist Charles Ostman
Charles Link
One of the most brilliant and intriguing people I know, and an expert on how physics and nano can be applied to real time and real life. Charles is a consultant to many venture capitalists investing in nano, and orgs considering alternative approaches. Chaz rocks.

JoAnn Biccum, Fabulous Artist
Check out JoAnn's folk art - she's fabulous. I found her on ebay, she's a well-kept secret. I love crow art and she has a lot of it!

Elaine Kreston Fabulous Cellist
Check out Elaine Kreston - a wonderful, fabulous woman who is the greatest cellist in the world! Her latest CD Translucent is filled with mello cello groovin' tunes to chill out by. She's in Northern California and you can catch her doing gigs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sylvia Paull
Here's Sylvia
Sylvia Paull is one of the most connected people I know. She is the wizard of PR who knows everything going on in tech. She is the keeper of secrets and spotlights and the absolute best at gathering a group and keeping it together. If you have a company that needs a spotlight, drop her a line.

Rita Golden Gelman
Tales from a felame nomad
Rita is an awesome writer. After her kids had gone off to college she decided to take a step back and reevaluate her marriage...she went off to Mexico, got a divorce and began traveling the world where she had incredibly rich experiences. I was given her book by Sue Cooper at a WiWoWo book swap and finished it recently while in Las Vegas. What a fabulous book! Every woman going on a walkabout, or even thinking about it, should have a copy of this book. The book is Tales of a Female Nomad. Go to her website and purchase a copy; it's an incredibly inspirational book for young women (get one for your daughter going off to college!), and all the women you know on the verge of a nervous breakdown (I love that movie!). Anyhow, you get the gist - it's a book that transcends generations.

Michael Feldman's Whad'ya Know?
This is a great live audience PRI radio show hosted by the irreverent Michael Feldman. Took me about 20 minutes to get used to his caustic humor, and then I felt right at home. He needs to build up his sparse website, but at least you can help him name his baby and find out what station you can get him on. Great musicians -- they work very well playing off of Michael and the wacky audience. It's kind of reminiscent of a the Garrison Keillor show if Garrison decided to take Quaaludes (in a good way). Or maybe it's the other way around, maybe he'd be more like Garrison if Michael decided to take Quaaludes.... Hmmmm. OKay, so maybe he's more like Hunter Thompson with a microphone. Well, actually, I've seen Hunter with a microphone, and all he does is drink and bring other entertainment on stage so he can just comment (the old New Year's Eve shows at tha Kabuki). So what is he like? I guess he's kind of unique - has fabbo guests and he's a ton of fun. Tune in, it's not everyone's cup o' tea, but it's pretty funny off the cuff stuff.

Jerome "Jerry" Glenn
Jerome Glenn, Executive Director of the American Council for the United Nations University, is a well known futurist who has advised more than 20 nations on future strategies. Jerry is a very cool guy who goes around the world stopping war - is that a great job, or what? Jerry is one of the first people to bring the Internet to third world countries for them to use to build their economies. He has a fabulous book called Future Mind: Artificial Intelligence - Merging the Mystical and the Technological in the 21st Century. It's all about conscious technology and what facets the future holds. He also looks at the past. For instance:

"Visualization can be dangerous technique for two reasons. First, we can fool ourselves about self-healing and die as a consequence. And second, we can forget that other people exist in the future whose lives count too. Hitler used projections of Eastern Europe on a screen in his planning room at his Eagle;s Nest and superimposed projections of his troops invading, He is said to have practices this visualization technique until he acted out the invasion."

It's thoughts like these that you don't encounter every day, and every page is filled with them. You can purchase the book by emailing him at jglenn@igc.org

Bruce Damer
Bruce Damer "Mr. Avatar" to you!
Bruce Damer is one of the world's foremost authorities on virtual worlds. Check out his site, lots of great links!

Visit John D. Furber of Legendary Pharmaceuticals, an extremely cool individual AKA my "Big Brother."
Check out John Furber & Legendary Pharmaceuticals
John is a scientist, teacher and entrepreneur who is starting a biotech company to develop new anti-aging drugs.

Michael Waterman is very cool

Donna Shirley's very resourceful site on how to deal with martians in the workplace & fabulous ways to promote workplace diversity. Donna headed the Mars space program while she was at JPL, she is now the Dean of Engineering at Oklahoma University.

Elizabeth Carlassare, author of DotCom Divas, foreword by Patricia B. Seybold, bestselling author of Customers.com. This site has a ton of fresh material and a posting network. Elizabeth is great - and her book about successful women entrepreneurs is nothing less than fabulously inspirational.

James Steven McCarthy an excellent attorney well-versed in copyright law.

Steve Womack’s web page -- an excellent author!

An accounting firm, based in Los Gatos, headed by Joan Perry, author of A Girl Needs Cash. An all women firm for women. Also provides online services.

The origin of Sock Monkeys
The Sock Monkey Secret
For an estimated twenty thousand years, sock monkeys and humans have existed in a symbiotic relationship with one another....

Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz legend
So, here's the link that finally sums up that "urban legend" about the soundtrack of The Dark Side of the Moon being some sort of tribute to The Wizard of Oz. Check it out.

All the books a good gurrrl needs on her nightstand....

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Home of Jill Tarter — she rocks! This is a great organization to sign a check over to at the end of the year. Download the SETI wallpaper for your screensaver (these are really quite stunning).

Now this is the future. The Technology Transfer Institute has a really fabulous annual conference.

Charlie Kittleson’s site — a great place to find the vacuum tube you thought you’d never replace. Lot’s of great articles about vintage stereo equipment in Vacuum Tube Valley Magazine. He loaned me the vacuum tube on the homepage photo.

Women looking for career guidance and community can go here to grow their careers and to become a mentor to others. Check out their live interviews and their video interview selection. This is a great site it you want to inspire young girls into getting into math & science.

Great reference site for the 1947 Shelter Island Conference. Among the 24 attendees were Edward Teller (NAS 1948), J. Robert Oppenheimer (NAS 1941), David Bohm, John von Neumann (NAS 1937), John A. Wheeler (NAS 1952), I.I. Rabi (NAS 1940), Richard Feynman (NAS 1954), and Julian Schwinger (NAS 1949).

The future of quantum mechanics in the classroom. Check it out, you might have some great input.

Great links for quantum mechanics beginners

Sex, Lies & Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics of the sexual orgasm (who would have thought!).

Maybe this is going to far….

Einstein & The Porn-o-matic, a really different kind site.

Watch the fur fly!


Tech news
Tim Miller’s site where you can subscribe to the newsletter about mergers & acquisitions -- this guy has his finger on the pulse. If you want to buy or sell a company, go to this site.

Online articles about the industry that can be helpful about keeping tabs on the competition. It's deadd, but still breathing.

Cool Links
"Sylvia Plath Stuck Her Head in an Oven..." & Other Disturbing Deaths in the Literary World
A very interesting site for the literally morbid...
From the site.... Inspiration for the following list of dead literary figures came from Charles Bukowski’s poem "Beasts bounding through time," specifically the lines "sylvia [plath] with her head in the oven like a baked potato...Shakespeare a plagiarist...the impossibility of being human." Some may call it morbid, some may call it truth - either way I don’t give a damn.

NNDB Tracking The Entire World
NNDB Tracking the world....
"NNDB is an intelligence aggregator that tracks the activities of people we have determined to be noteworthy, both living and dead. Superficially, it seems much like a "Who's Who" where a noted person's curriculum vitae is available (the usual information such as date of birth, a biography, and other essential facts.) But it mostly exists to document the connections between people, many of which are not always obvious. A person's otherwise inexplicable behavior is often understood by examining the crowd that person has been hanging out with. Eventually, we will have synopses and analyses of creative works by the people in the database, including their books, films, and recordings."

Where in the world is Edgar Allen Poe???
Which grave is he in?
One rainy day in Baltimore I was trippin' around the graveyard at Westminster Church on the corner of Fayette and Greene streets. It was drizzling and the place was muddy, night was falling and I didn't have a cab waiting. It's a dodgy neighborhood, and the fact that there are catacombs of half exhumed graves underneath the church, was giving me chicken flesh. I was stalking the grave of Edgar Allen Poe, one of two of my favorite poets. As I walked around the quickly darkening stones falling under the shadow of the brick church, I took note that there were not just one, but TWO. Count them - two - graves with the tombstone that read Edgar Allen Poe. One had his mother in law also on the stone - I could understand his urge to move...but how did he do it *after* his death? Well, I found it quite confusing. It turns out that this churchyard is supposedly one of the most haunted in the country and there is a very long comedy or errors that took place with the corpse of Edgar Allen Poe that lasts until modern day. Check out this link, it's fascinating.

Are they dead or alive????
Are those washed up or obscure musicians, authors and actors from your distant past dead, or alive? Check this site out. Tons of info you never thought you'd need. Although some may pass without an obit in the Los Angeles Times, rest assured you'll get all of the dirt here.

Sock Monkeys Save The World From Y2K
Check out the sock monkey dude

More monkeys than you can shake a palm fron at - check out the lucky monkey

Follow the adventures of Tim the Rockstar monkey

Tony Millionaire's Sock Monkey: One of my favorite sock monkies

The sock monkey porn site
Check out the Ikea Monkey Goes Group

Free Sock Monkey directions

Kramer Lives On
For those of you still trying to fill the empty void on Thursday nights - Kramer lives on!

Bert is Evil
Bert is Back
Hey, the site is back! Live from Tokyo.... View Bert at the JFK assassination, a KKK rally, at Woodstock...and find out about his O.J. Connection, his ties to the Unibomber and Michael Jackson. You will laugh your ass off on this site. Have fun! Have fun!

Harold Loves Maude
Harold & Maude
This is a fabulous site! For all of you Harold & Maude fans!!!

A really cool toy site — and great animated intro. Old Ira Gobler knows how to have fun! Go to the About us section.

Address the physical disconnectedness of the information age by creating a safe place to congregate in cyberspace. Their work has inspired the development of new technologies, including a wireless telerobotic video camera for streaming video to the Web.

Ever wondered what really happens to gasoline after you fill up your tank? Or how a microwave oven cooks stuff from the inside out? This is the site to find out everything. Close as you’ll get to the meaning of life.

This is a cute site that will cause you to ponder your relationship, but only briefly.

A sappy site, everything about kissing….

Punxsutawney Phil

International Ghost Hunters Society--a great place to visit at 2AM when you’re web crawling under the covers with your laptop.

Civil Rights, Freedoms, Censorship & Other Issues You SHOULD Know About Before Spending Another Buck in Retail - WORTHWHILE ORGS TO GIVE YOUR MONEY TO if you don't have time to fight the good fight.
American Civil Liberties Union. Thank goodness for the ACLU - especially with George Bush in Office. Give generously to the ACLU, could be your home being entered without a warrent, or your book being banned see: onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/banned-books.html for a history of books baned by U.S. and state governments.

A fabulous organization that will put your dollars to work - John Perry Barlow and Brad Templeton do a great job to see that justice is done.

Families Against Internet Censorship
The Censorship Pages
The Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression
MIT Students Association for Freedom of Expression
The File Room
Banned Books Online
The Free Expression Clearinghouse
National Coalition Against Censorship
Canadian Book Censorship
Censorship and Intellectual Freedom Page
Canadian/MIT links on freedom www.mit.edu:8001/activities/safe/safe/canada/summary.html
French Freedom Site
Media Watchdog's censorship resources
University of Minnesota Human Rights Library