"To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries."
The Constitution of the United Sates
Section 8

Copyright Law of the United States of America and Related Laws Contained in Title 17 of the United States Codež 204. Execution of transfers of copyright ownership

(a) A transfer of copyright ownership, other than by operation of law, is not valid unless an instrument of conveyance, or a note or memorandum of the transfer, is in writing and signed by the owner of the rights conveyed or such owner's duly authorized agent.
(b) A certificate of acknowledgment is not required for the validity of a transfer, but is prima facie evidence of the execution of the transfer if-
(1) in the case of a transfer executed in the United States, the certificate is issued by a person authorized to administer oaths within the United States; or
(2) in the case of a transfer executed in a foreign country, the certificate is issued by a diplomatic or consular officer of the United States, or by a person authorized to administer oaths whose authority is proved by a certificate of such an officer.


In other words, everything on this site is copyrighted and you need an agreement of transfer to use it in any way, shape or form. The letters, postings, illustrations and columns by guests are copyright owned by the individuals who created them and are not to be reposted, published anywhere in any media or publishing format without the written permission of the copyright holder. All materials are protected under Title 17, Codež 204. and other US copyright laws. You can obtain complete copyright information at http://www.loc.gov/copyright/. All text and photos copyrighted by Sally Richards are also protected under these same US copyright laws. All digital video and audio files used at SallyRicards.com are also protected under these same US copyright laws.

I am very serious about copyright infringement. My legal counsel has taken several Internet-based companies, two based in other countries, to court for infringement and won. If you wish to repost, please contact me directly and if you have a valid reason for reposting, I will be happy to talk with you about it.

I do not hesitate to leverage lawsuits at people/companies violating copyright laws against SallyRichards.com. If you are found in violation of any US copyright laws and are infringing on any copyrighted material (which is all material on this site), you and your ISP will receive an immediate notice of cease and desist. Shortly thereafter, you will also receive an invoice for payment of use. If there is any hesitation to pay the bill, you will receive a summons to appear before a US judge. If you are outside the US, we will do whatever is necessary to leverage penalties against you and your ISP. I'm sure that most of you understand the basic reasoning behind copyright, and even as the Supreme Court recently pointed out, complying with copyright law is not just a courtesy, it is an ethical behavioral system upheld by the Supreme Court. All I ask is that you contact me first, work out the issues and we can come to some agreement.

SallyRichards.com disclaimer
SallyRichards.com will not be held liable for inaccuracies, errors or omissions herein or for any damages arising from site content. The views voiced on SallyRichards.com may not necessarily be the opinion of SallyRichards.com, and all people have the right to voice their opinion as covered in the Free Speech Amendment of the US Constitution.

All that said, I do encouraging linking, and I love to link to other sites. Please drop me a note if you'd like to do either.

Thank you for your attention to these issues,
Sally Richards