The Wild Women of Wonder are the kind of women who are not only comfortable in their own skin, they're also confident enough to talk about issues that others wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. And they make it fun, intriguing, and honest. Wild Women of Wonder was founded in April '02 as an April Fool's Day prank at Buck's by Carla Rayacich and myself at Buck's. And that's the reason why Jamis MacNiven is our honorary male WiWoWoan. There are two other honorary WiWoWoan men who were there that day; Michael Land and Peter McConnel. The rest of us are 100 percent woman - and proud of it. We have 100+ women who get together at an undisclosed place every Saturday morning.... The Portugal chapter is coming along just fine, and the Vegas chapter meets in the late afternoon over cocktails. The Los Angeles chapter is coming soon. And as you look at these few photos (these are a few of the prints, I still need to scan the gazillion of slides I have), realize I took them after a usually hard night of Friday night indulgence and with little, or no sleep. Before or during my first cup of coffee, and sometimes a dying camera battery and with the wrong speed film. Oh yeah, and without a flash because it's annoying during a discussion. There will hopefully be contributions from other WiWoWoans for this category, so feel free to submit them to me. We even have a secret WiWoWoan call. It's often the case that girls have close friends, I still have friends I've known since elementary school, and then life consumes them and they forget how important it is to have best girlfriends and someone to share their hopes, dreams and fears with. That's what the platform of WiWoWo is we are women who have rediscovered what amazing fun it is to gather and share again. We hook up with our co-ed counter group LiLoTe (Life, Love, Technology) where we have a fabulous time at DuraLiNi (Duraflame Night Light) when we gather at Ocean Beach around blazing duraflames drink, eat, play music and share our thoughts about life, love and technology well into the morning hours. Community is important, and I think if it's one thing you should take away from this whole site, it's that the Bay Area is a very special place built on a communal tradition where resources and energy is shared and even bigger and better things come about.