37 Minutes With Cipro

Okay, so this is a rather odd page. I had the oddest experience when we moved into our latest home. When I was off in Vegas for my sabbatical and unpacking stuff, I broke my nose on the dolly when I was bent over and dropped a box of books onto its base (which was on uneven pavement and lurched forward). So, of course, I guess I had to have my major accident when we moved into this place.... What happened? You ask. Well, it's a chain of events (as most accidents are) that occurred when I found my idiot neighbor's dogs roaming around the property. It was a momma and her puppy that I coerced into the dog run with some treats. It was the first time I had seen the dogs, but we hadn't been here for very long. I've since found that the dog's owner is just some irresponsible jerk who lets his dogs roam free and suggests that everyone else put up fences. He's kind of like one of those dog owners who won't have his dog's nuts cut because he wants the dog to be able to spew seed wherever the dog may land. Except, this dog is a female, and that's probably why she has a puppy with her. Same mindset, though.

Okay, so on with the story.... I put the dogs in the dog run (it was the first time I had been in it since we moved in) and I wasn't wearing any shoes. I went to put down a bowl of water before I called the number on the collar. I stepped back, landing on a rake made of nails – that had been covered with a piece of cardboard - that the previous owners had left. I screamed when three of the rusty nails went through my foot. I was gushing blood when I called the neighbor to pick up his damn dogs, and then followed that call with a call to Jeff, who quickly came home and took me to the hospital.

I have to tell you, Jeff calms my nerves like a vacation to the tropics. We got in, I got shots, fixed up, pain and Cipro scripts filled, two pain pills later we stopped to get some Chinese food. Then we were on our way home. Jeff dropped me at the geodome and went to the store. I was home alone…just me and the cats. I was in a great deal of pain for a few more minutes, and then the pain tabs kicked in. And I was feeling no pain, at least not for a little while. I looked at the script -- Cipro -- the only antibiotic I can take without an allergic reaction. What a strange thing, I thought. I remembered back to the 9/11 aftermath anthrax scare when the manufacturer couldn't keep Cipro in stock and it flooded the prescription black market. I made sure to stock up on my Cipro because I'd be out of luck if I got some kind of killer infection and all the schmucks in America had loaded up with Cipro -- just in case – and there wasn’t a tab to be found to save my life.

Cipro, like no other antibiotic except penicillin, had its 15 minutes – (BIG TIME) and it had it all over CNN and broadcast news. There were moments when I thought I’d never see another Cipro tab again. And here I had a full dosage in a little orange bottle and I felt a little giddy. I felt creative. I felt kicked in the ass by the Muse. So, knowing that Jeff would scold me for not being in bed with my huge swollen foot elevated and kicking back with the cats watching the tele, I looked at the clock and decided to spend 37 minutes with Cipro…in search of its inner humor, beauty and meaning. Okay, so I was feeling NO pain. I wanted to personify my script, I wanted to give the Cipro personality (pout, baby, pout...give it to the camera). CIPRO INCRANATE. I wanted to catch my Cipro in compromising situations throughout the floor I was on...I could go to the deck, the kitch, the master bedroom, the dining room and the living rooms without climbing a floor to the first or third floors. I had a lot of stuff I could access for props.

I took my camera (I had to use the 70-210 Nikon lens because my other lenses were in the trunk of my car downstairs) and tried to focus with that huge lens and the dimming light coming in from outside. In all of the product shoots I had done, this was the toughest...well, except for a CEO who had his zipper down during the whole shoot – and, I hope, didn't know it. His people were there, I figured they'd tell him if they wanted pics without IT showing.... Actually, he was one of those Silicon Valley megalomaniac CEOs – he probably knew it.

So this page contains 37 minutes with a full script of Cipro. Ten minutes after Jeff left, and five minutes before Jeff returned home, I took the first tab. It was shortly after that when I realized why I should have stayed off my foot. The pain returned and the Muse fled...and all I have to show of it is this page that I am sharing with you.