Let's Go Swimming!!!!!

There once was a time when I was a kid when you could go to any beach with your dog. Now that we've all become so politically correct, and they've just about declared smoking a crime on the beaches, there is ONE beach on the coastal shores where I live where you can take your dog for a swim. I love this beach where we take Bulova and he (and we) swims in warm SoCal water. I will be teaching him how to surf soon. My first surfing dog, Misty, was an incredibly adept at surfing, but that was only natural - he was born on Diamond Head and he loved to go to the beach every day. It's nearly time to get him a board. This particular dog beach is great because the dogs get so wild and it's so completely chaotic. Dogs become a blur as they race up to my lens and become quickly out of focus just before they lick my camera. Dog energy is great, but we need a cat beach, too. I don't suppose that will happen, especially if the cats in question smoke!