Sal's Pics

Sally has taken photos for publications worldwide and loves carrying around her Nikon to catch the unsuspecting world off guard. She often rises with the sun to shoot while the world is waking around her, or skulk about late at night catching people unaware at events. Her favorite pictures are taken at sunrise and sunset. The following is a small selection of her work. Sally's work shows from time to time in galleries and they will be listed in the Events Schedule. Ninety-nine percent of the photos in this section were taken by Sally, although some were sent to her so she could post them, all are protected by US copyright (see main page for more details). These photos are posted in a very low res so it won't do you much good to steal them. There are also no names or descriptions yet, and never will be. If there is a photo of you on this section that you would like removed, feel free to drop Sally a note. Have fun and take it for what it was meant to be - an online album of moments. Sally travels 24/7 with her camera, and for that reason you'll see some blurred moments from dying batteries, the wrong speed film used for a surprise shoot, a photo inspied by too many dirty martinis...and every other kind of odd occurrence that can happen when you're out and about in the world. If you are interested in seeing a high-res professional portfolio for business reasons, or a list of her stock celebrity photos, please drop Sally a note and she will put you in touch with her agency.
My Garden
Dog Beach! Let's Go Swimming!!!!
37 Minutes With Cipro
Sundance Film Festival '04
What came before....
Look Up!
Random Pics
A Quick Tour of SiValley
Elcomsoft, Dimitry & the DMCA
Jerry Garcia Memorial
My Monkeys
Last Call
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Crawling Flying Stinging Things