Here we are, the new group. Well, you've seen the WiWoWo shots (Wild Women of Wonder), this is the new group LioLa (LIve, LOve, LAugh) that Elaine Kreston and I founded this year. When I left the By Area, apparently there were some women in the group whom I heard from that said the old feeling was gone and it had become something else. Change is good, it's just not always good for everyone. So, we started this group in response to get the old feeling back. This was our group down at Buck's (where WiWoWO was started); we had to keep the first meeting to a gentle roar so the number was down. We meet in the East Bay and the Peninsula - and of course, here in the SoCal. The first meeting was great - Donna Compton even came down from Jersey! It was great to have the new group started. Women sometimes forget that it's important to have girlfriends - not to bitch, moan and whine to, but to revel in the pleasures of being a woman. You'll see the new talking stick in these pics. Lainie had come down to Vegas and we went everywhere looking for sticks to make a few talking sticks. We finally went to Blue Diamond - this really creepy town near Red Rock in Vegas and there was this thing that looked like a gallows - the streets were empty and I felt like we had stepped back in time - we grabbed a stick and ran. Then, we found another stick inside of Ceasar's. And one stick that was hidden back at my flat. So, we began drinking and made these beautiful talking sticks - the one that Lainie made is in the photos. Never forget that you're never too old, or too busy to have girlfriends and that intellectual chatter about just anything that comes to mind is an important part of being part of a tribe and staying young at heart. People ask if we guy bash when we meet, and to tell you the truth, the subject of men rarely comes up. Go, be, do.