Look Up

Although we'd probably be the last to admit it, the sky really does have a lot to do with our moods. But how many times in our busy days and nights do we really bother to look up at it? I guess it's all part of that breathing thing, we're really not aware of how long or deep of breaths we take unless we really turn inward. Just as we may not even be aware if there are beautiful wispy clouds in the sky above us unless, completely void of visual stimulation at neck-swing level, we look out our sunroofs at that stoplight. That's one of the reason why I love hanging out with astronomers; I'll be walking along with one and it'll be daylight, but they'll casually mention that such and such star will be visible - right there, they'll point - at sunset. It's like seeing the sky beyond the sky. The sky is wonderful - especially if you happen to be making memories under a particularly stunningly sunset striped twilight.