My Garden

I know, I know.... Sally with a garden? Yes, it's true. There was a time in my life when the only flowers I appreciated were those attached to the hand of a handsome man waiting on my front stoop. Now, the only flowers I appreciate are those my handsome husband brings to me. And now, I also love a garden, where we can sit in the balmy evenings in our Adirondack chairs and drink port, smell the flowers and talk. Never underestimate what beauty flowers can bring into your life - with or without a man attached to them. The only difficult part is that Bulova is a dog who needs a job - all of the time. When there's no cattle to herd he will take one look at me digging around a bush and in minutes I'll turn around and he'll have dug a two foot hole I will inevitably fall into on the way back up to the deck. If only he had hands to hold the shears...on second thought.