For many of you out there this will be your first look at Silicon Valley - and I hope it's not too misleading. This is my viewpoint...driving around from place to place and taking pics from a moving car and walking around camera in hand. I don't go to places I don't want to go, so this is kind of the best of the best. And you're seeing places from The Coast (30 minutes away from Oracle) to 30 minutes outside of San Jose in Coyote. The first pic is one where I was walking around on a windy day and just happened to catch cherry blossoms in motion. Anyhow, they are just random moments caught on film. Enjoy! You'll also notice that statue of the heinous Father Junipera Serra who killed thousands of American Indians in one fell swoop; you'll also notice the gentleman with his dog. He is Jerry Morissette (Google him) an American Vet who used to be the caretaker at the rest stop on 280 where the statue stands pointing to the Oregon Trail on the Coast. Last year, 2002, CalTrans - the Nazi government of the California freeway system - booted him out of his home (a trailer at the stop where he worked for free for the state) where he had become known worldwide for keeping the stop safe of crime and making it a pleasant place for people to stop and stay for a while (he had planted several beautiful gardens and trained the handicapped for an employment organization). Anyhow, if you ever get a chance to vote down a CalTrans payhike on the ballot - do it - one of these days they may privatize the system (along with the school system with any luck) and we'll actually have some good roads.

Enjoy your stay in Silicon Valley ;-)