Letters from Kitty

Kitty Wells, Laura Saeger & sally


Sept 12, 01
From WiWoWo gal Kitty Wells to Nicole Kidd & Sally Richards:

Hi Nicole & Sally

Thanks for your msg. I meant to reply earlier, but have been in such shock. I was taking Frank to the airport that morning at 6:30am. His mother had a stroke, he was on a mission of mercy to see her. We heard the news right when it happended, but the pure horror of it wasn't apparent until I got home and turned on the TV. When they announced all air traffic was closed, I flew back to the airport just 2 minutes before the police shut down all entry, luckily for Frank.

It is really hard to absorb the intense horror & shock of this whole thing. I have a strong emotional connection to the World Trade Center -- I spent several wonderful years living 2 blocks from there, on Church Street where you see news reports of the intense smoke cloud rushing, people scrambling to get out of the way & the nuclear-winter looking ashes. I loved that neighborhood, even how the subway gently shook the floors. I only left when we finally got kicked out of our illegal loft.

It's probably half destroyed now, blown in from the blast. I see all those familiar street scenes, stores, and think about how I used to go down to the trade center & feel sorry for the masses of people rushing by in their commuter/corporate lifestyles. It was like Grand Central at rush hour, 1000's of people flooding in & out every minute every weekday.

I had such a nice bohemiam life -- rent was $250/month, I was fresh out of college & didn't need a lot of freelance work to cover it. I was free to explore & enjoy the byways of downtown Manhattan. The towers were my beacon when I got turned around -- they were always my guide to find my way home. I loved the sight of them.

But most distressing, thinking about all those innocent people, innocently going about their business, blown to hell. And their families...how unfathomable to have lost a loved one in this -- its impossible to really understand the human toll. I'm still in shock.

The bright side is how the very worst disaster & evil can bring out the very very best in so many people. The blood donors lining up, the rescue workers, the smallest and largest acts of kindness to loved ones & perfect strangers.... Perhaps this will be a monumental wake up call for people pulling together in strength & goodness.

I'm happy to say that my sister & friends in NYC are OK, except for one I haven't heard back from. I don't think she would have been there though.

Best regards,


P.S. I'll look forward to a breakfast meeting in early October. Images of art will be a welcome relief. We had a trip to Hawaii planned next week to visit Frank's dad, but he asked us to cancel until later for safety measures.


From Sally to Kitty:

Hi Kitty ;-)
Please know my thoughts are with Frank's mother, I hope she pulled through this okay. What a horrible thing to be compounded onto all of this other tragedy. Please let me know how she is doing.

Will you be attending on Sat? Also, I'd love to post this on my site on the Lounge. May I?

Hang tight
gal pal,

From Kitty to Sally:

Hi Sal Pal Gal,

Frank's mother is doing better. Her tests show it was indeed a stroke but little if any lasting damage, i.e. no blockages. She's also feeling better, the pain has subsided, so that is very good news.

I'm not sure I can make it on Sat as I'm going up to CyberArts that day & will be working at the party that night as well. Will need some rest :-) Will you be there?

You're welcome to post my story -- I'm sending you a 1st-hand account from my sister in NYC as well.

Did you hear about the suspects arrested yesterday trying to get on a plane to
San Jose? They had also been spotted trying to get on another flt to L.A. on Tues that was one of the 1st to be cancelled -- got belligerent, put up a big fuss about staying on the plane, but ran when authorities tried to apprehend them (Tues). So there could have been yet another disaster!

I have to admit I'm still in shock. I'm not even angry, just horrified. Wanting to help somehow.

All the best,

From: Laura Saeger
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 09:43:28 -0400
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it continues to be very strange here. The wind turned and I got the smoke in my apartment last night. I walked down to Union Square, the southernmost part of the city that you can go without a pass. People had taped brown paper strips along the pavillion and left markers and crayons for anyone to express their feelings. I went to a service in midtown, and looking back down 5th Avenue, you could see the most umbelievable plume of smoke from the south. It was too wide and too tall to be smoke, it had to be a cloud, but it wasn't. Last night there was news that a bomb was found in the Empire State Building, which is fairly close to me. I have been listening to constant sirens. The armory close to me has been turned into a place for people to file missing person reports and handled over 1,000 reports yesterday. There are refrigerated tractor trailer trucks sitting on the street waiting for bodies. It is unreal. I am going to see if I can volunteer for something; it is too frustrating just to sit and watch the news. Mark wants me to try to get Amtrak home and come back later and get my stuff. Under the circumstances, it seems in bad form to turn tail and run.

Sept 14, 01
From Sally to Kitty:

Hey Kitty (Kitty Wells, you have such a glamorous name!)
I'm glad Frank's mother is better ; -)
This is overwhelming stuff, we are so protected from it here, sort of. The images on TV started to rule my life, so the decision was easy after I saw Billy Graham's face. Click, silence. I'm going to try and make it to the party tomorrow night. I'm going to RSVP you in hopes that you will show, don't worry about calling if you can't make it, but we'd sure love to have you.
Hang tight,

Sept 14, 01
From Kitty to Sally

Thanks for the RSVP -- I may just show if you make it that easy. And the food is good :-)

I am totally on the same page -- I was glued to the tv until this morning's religious takeover of the airwaves. I do believe that there is a tremendous need for spiritual guidance & gathering, but that just isn't my flavor. Besides, the root of this entire thing is deeply embedded in religious fanaticism...I just can't stomach it.

I'll be out w/ a candle tonight though.

Borrowing a line from my dear friend Devi:

Be fearless, choose love