Letter from Rick Colby

This is an email from my friend Rick Colby that touched me a great deal. He's a great dad and his concern was for his daughters, and getting them home safe and sound.


When this hit, my first instinct was to get the children. It was bizarre: I could think of nothing but getting them all home. I pulled all three out of school at noon. Trish was in Kentucky on business; I was supposed to be in Cleveland but bagged it. Ashley, 9, and Rachel, 6, are affected by it. We were in NYC a few weeks ago at a national legislative conference and took an open-air bus tour that took us right by the World Trade Center. We almost visited it but opted for something else instead. The kids' school was buzzing today all day about it. In Rachel's class (she's in first grade), a girl said "a plane had landed outside with bloody bodies coming out." That started a buzz and the teacher said that it was not appropriate to say things like that. We watched it on CNN and, hopefully, I explained what was happening in a way they could understand. There were a lot of questions from Ashley. I tried to explain the idea of this country and about the never-ending struggle between good and evil. They are feeling very patriotic. They insisted on putting a flag in the window of our second floor landing last night. We went outside last night to look at it, with the lights off, and from the road in the darkness it really moved me.