Gurrrls, Wonderful Gurrrls!

Nothing comes easy
And that's a fact
Nothing comes easy
But a broken back
You've got to work hard
You've got to work hard
You've got to work hard
So work hard!
Depeche Mode, People are People

Women are wonderful. Yes, yes, I know…men have their place, too — and men are also really cool, but that’s not what this column is about today. I had a totally amazing morning with Carol Sands, Suzy Brown, Nicole Kidd and Meihong Xsu. We met for breakfast at Buck’s where we had the most amazing conversations amidst all of Jamis’ wonderful collection of great Americana stuff. And some of the greatest, fun people go there for breakfast. and just as we were leaving Jamis calls (he wasn’t able to make it for breakfast) from his pant’s phone and picks up the bill! Are we special, or what! When you get a group of women talking about the future, people tend to listen in and we had some pretty unusual characters sitting in the booths next to us. People came and went and we talked for hours over great coffee and fabulous food. We’ve all been working so hard — everyone has, I know. So, we’ve made a pact to play poker and have breakfast once a week. We work way too hard to not stop and enjoy each other’s company.

This just happened to be the second time Nicole and I had sat in that same booth together. Once for the big Burned Angels extravaganza. Where Carla Rayacich, Anne and I dressed in black with our big black Angel of Death wings and did a poetry spoof at Buck’s on April Fool’s Day (see the Press Room with the Mercury & Red Herring articles). What a great time! We were getting ready at Carla’s house with Boson the dog snapping at our wings and Carla’s wonderful husband Wes (a really cool physicist) helping us out and patiently handing us our coffee (or were those bloody Mary’s?) as we got ready for the gig and the limo arrived to take us up to Bucks where we would enter the restaurant and recite our little poem… Channel 11 was supposed to be there — they came and instead of taping us (it was supposed to be a live feed) they couldn’t get reception and left. They said, “do it again at noon,” so we waited, they blew us off again… We had fun with only the print press there anyway….

We held everyone captive while our Ahi guys at (whose website just crashed me — too Flash intensive) blasted the entrance with fire extinguishers (the kind that doesn’t have water) as we entered the room to the very cool Drew Youngs’ (drewyoungs@earthwire,com) composed song “Burned Angels” for our entrance as it played loud over the overhead.

We recited our poem as we interrupted everyone’s meetings and they sat there stunned wondering whether they should head for the exits:

Lately the tides of fortune have turned.
Some angels investors have gotten burned.
The burn rates and bridge rounds have got you down
The “New Economy” can’t be found.

But April Fools is a time to smile.
So stay and laugh a while.
Forget about NASDAQ and
Next time you won’t fund a bomb.

No matter how much it seems to cost
Make sure your hope is never lost.
We came is peace, to show we care.
We salute angel investors everywhere!

So, there we were passing out angels that Carla had attached labels to their little plastic bodies, our faces singed with charcoal. We all had a great deal of fun and that’s how it should be in this Valley. It was especially fun because we we just happened to catch John Doerr having breakfast with his daughter — imagine that, one of the only people left in the world who tells me to call him, but who won’t return my calls…. I don’t feel so bad, every time someone mentions him, I just say, “What’s up with that?” And they say they’ve experienced the same thing…. The call, no call thing.

Anyhow, that was a great morning and we’re planning more events where we can wear our Angel of Death wings….

Anyhow, I just flashed back to that because it was so much fun. Well Nicole, Mei and I followed Suzy back to her place and it was a magnificent homage to Frank Lloyd Wright — what a cool place! And Suzy’s cool book Chaos in Nature inspired a new section I’m putting up in my Photo Portfolio (that should be up by next week). Then we jumped in Suzy’s convertible Boxster (had to just look up the spelling of that and in the course of things misspelled Porsche three times and got a porn site each time!) and then over to Kepler’s where we spent way too much time and money … then over to Café nextdoor to down an iced chai. Then we parted ways in the afternoon and I went to my goddaughter’s birthday — she is soooo cool. Man, to be 13 again, and know what I know now! That’s a dangerous thought. How do you advise a 13-year-old today? My best advice is to just listen and talk things out when they feel like asking for advice. Kids are facing a whole lot of issues we didn’t have to when we were kids. And, for some reason, they’re a whole lot more capable of handling the situations handed them. I’m in awe every day.

Well, the short and the long of this story is that now that I’m somewhat up from the pressures of immediate deadlines, I’m finding so many great women to go out and play with. Nicole has taught me to revel with my inner-child and although we’re busy, we still think it’s great idea to gather twice a week as a tribe. I highly recommend it. We’re having our first Cocktail Club/Poker Game this week and we’ve invited some fabulous women (about 20) and one Guest Man. We’ve decided that a Magnificent Guest Man should be present each week so we don’t forget about what wonderful charms and intellect men bring to the table — we so often take them for granted. When I suggested this to my hip friend Michael, who I invited to be our Guest Man sometime in July, he said, “What do you mean, Guest Man? What do I have to do?” Purely with suspicion, like I was going to have him do the dishes or stick him with the bill. When I told him that it was purely a Guest Man role and that A. he could keep his clothes on and B. it was just a way of introducing a fabulous man to a marvelous group of women, he thought it was an A-okay idea. I think we may even go one step further and grant the Guest Man one wish (within reason), like give him a contact he’s been looking for, or something like that. One thing’s for sure, we’re going to make this absolutely a blast because everyone is just working way too friggin’ hard these days. It’s very untraditional and a bit of an odd idea, but I think it will fly and become a tradition, we have so few here in Silicon Valley.

Well, I’m turning in now…getting ready for an early day and a grand adventure on Wednesday.

Ciao bella/bello