Reunions, Small Stuff & Bridges

Meeting in this way who could have known; How our destinies and ways apart have grown.

Looking still the same after all these years changing only in my memories not clear

And believing all futures we would share

Fate design playing natures mime and today by chance we meet again after all this time

Meeting in this way no-one could have known.

Sharing thoughts and deeds simple harmony plans and hopes erased in our maturity

Now tomorrow's dreams are now yesterday.

Fate design playing natures mime and today by chance we meet again after all this time

Meeting in this way no-one could have known.

— Reunion, Gentle Giant

It’s been a busy week, incredibly busy. Friday was a bit o’ rest before the huge push for time. Agent James Levine was in town gathering with his tribe in San Rafael on Saturday; it was nice to meet the legend in person. And he flew the whole agency to the party; what a great time! That morning was WiWoWo, Wild Women of Wonder, and what a great conversation we had! Whew! We’re actually featured this month is Entrepreneur Magazine Entrepreneur Story And then I was off to San Rafael, I was going with a friend who was going to fly, but the San Rafael airport is current closed and there was an air show in San Francisco and we would have had to take an alternate flight path…basically it would be quicker to drive. It ended up being just me, and I called Deb Todd, multimedia genius extraordinaire, to join me. We had a lot of fun hooking up with the Levine agency tribe. By the time I was ready to leave it was11:00PM.

So I hit the 101 in Palo Alto around midnight and thought, “Hey, my 20 year reunion is somewhere in Palo Alto tonight.” By the time I had hit three hotels I found the right one. And there I was, having skipped 10 I wasn’t sure what to expect. I picked up a drink at the no-host bar – whisky, straight up, the good stuff. Downed it, got a bottled water. Then went mingling. I hadn’t been expected, so I didn’t have a badge. As I walked over to some folks a guy gave me a big hug, I didn’t really remember him, but he seemed to remember me. “How’s my girl?” He asked. His girl? Was I in a parallel universe? Where was his girl? His name ended with an “R,” we must have had home room together. He hugged me and his hand slipped down to my ass and goosed me — who was this guy? He clearly had had too much to drink, and I clearly hadn’t had enough. “Do I know you?” I asked. He thought I was joking. My buddy Dane Andrew came over, I see Dane all the time and clearly saw I was going to have this guy on the floor with my four inch heel pressed against his windpipe momentarily. He dragged me away and I saw Susan Saito and Debbie Tscharner, girlfriends I had met in fifth grade. We caught up with our lives — they looked fabulous and like I, were both happily divorced.

And there she was — The Skank. This chick used to go around slapping people, she was a skank in high school, and she still looked like a skank, actually looked like a skanky hooker. I was talking to someone else who also commented on being slapped by her; she was really out of control in high school; and she still had the jocks eating out of her…hand. Skank, once a skank always a skank. I was oddly amused to see she hadn’t aged as fine as wine; had she been sitting under a tanning lamp this whole time? The rest of us looked great. And since Teri Hatcher, who was also in our class, hadn’t shown this year (she showed at the ten year), we all looked a lot better in her absence. I remembered a funny story about Skank Woman. It was the 80s and I had escaped class under the cover of having to pee. I lit up a cig and was standing next to the window blowing smoke outside and watching traffic go by. And she busted in like she owned the WC. Well, she came right in and said, “Give me that fucking cigarette,” I handed it to her, took a hit off of my Binaca spray and walked out. And as I did I ran into a teacher who asked for my hall pass, which I was able to produce. Then I said, “You know, someone is smoking in the bathroom.” She got so busted. Although it was somewhat like LeChatelier’s Principle at the time; the principle that a change affecting something that is offset, thus producing little effect. It was just action/reaction. It was as if instant karma had paid a visit and frankly it was a bit anticlimactic. I didn't enjoy snitching; it had just been an automatic reaction. Although I did have a smile on that one that evening; as I looked at her to make eye contact, she averted mine quickly.

I did notice that none of the guys I had ever made out with in high school showed; that was a bit disappointing. I did note that the girl who was the lead cheerleader (or something like that, anyway) whose boyfriend (on the football team) kissed me, didn’t speak to me at all and was being quite evasive. I remembered why I didn’t date the jocks at our school; whether it was true or not, there were a few that made them all seem like they were about as loyal as a piece of cardboard. I have to admit the guys in my class still looked great, and everyone seemed much nicer than they had been. It seemed as though we had all grown up and became interested in the world around us; we were pretty self-centered back then.

I was out until 4AM and hanging out with my old Gal Pal Lori Allen, Trey Nichols, and all of the other people who decided to stay until after midnight. And I finally found Michael Miller, someone Pat and I had been trying to track down for years. Then some police guys came over, I asked to check their IDs and told them I was with the DA, later they would rescue me from the guy who had gotten his free grope in the beginning. The next morning I went to the picnic reunion, not too many showed up for that, but I got to talk with some women I really missed having in my life and I’m inviting them into WiWoWo. I was somewhat hungover and needed some fresh air. People had brought their kids; my class had really had a beautiful bunch of children, I was impressed. Of course, Skank Woman wasn’t there, she had probably gone home with a few of the guys and was trying to find her keys in the gutter. Aging couldn’t have happened to a nicer person (insert cat fight hisses here). I do have to admit it was fun going back and having people remember that I wanted to be a writer and that I had become one. I may not be Stephen King, or the writer of the Harry Potter books, but I did what I set out to do, and it felt genuinely good to have people around me to celebrate that. And to celebrate their achievements with them. It was a very good weekend, indeed.

Then, I was off with Michael Land and his sister Lauren to the Bridge Benefit with a last minute ticket they had. What a fabulous concert and a great way to spend the evening. Who played? Neil Young, James Taylor, Jack Johnson, Ryan Adams, Thom York, Tenacious D, The Other Ones, and Vanessa Carlton. What a great concert! At the end, as is the tradition with this concert, everyone played together. It's always quite an experience. The Bridge School benefits, a really fabulous organization that helps physically disabled kids communicate with the world. Give your end of year dollars to this group. The org is run by Neil and Pegi Young and this year was its 15th anniversary. What a really fabulous way to end the evening. But, not completely…Michael and Lauren left and I was looking around for people I knew; if I stand long enough in the same place someone always comes along and says my name. Earlier I had seen Jamis MacNiven who was hangin’ with Dale Jerassi and Mitch Stein was right behind me in Will Call. On my way back to my car I ran into a senior from Santa Barbara named Glen, who is a major in Artificial Intelligence. He was so enthusiastic, but at the same time so unsure of what field to go into. We had a long talk and I swear, I felt like I was talking to the future.

Speaking of the future, I went to NanoScience Exchange tonight — SmallTimes Story what an inspirational meeting that was! The line up? Jim Birch, Adaptive Biology Department, UC Berkeley (An update on the miniature drone of the future - the MFI - MicroMechanical Flying Insect), and I now have one of the plastic prototypes sitting on my G-4. abcnews . Deepak Srivastava, NASA Ames, whom I’ll be paying a visit to soon. And Charles Ostman, Institute for Global Futures and opening Keynote Speaker, Virginia Nanotech Conference, one of the reasons why nanotech is such a fun field to cover! See Mike Honda Story for another Small Times article.

I came away from this evening’s event filled with inspiration for small things…the next wave of Silicon Valley.

Oh yeah, about that last blog…. Okay, so it wasn’t a crazy white guy who killed those people in DC. I haven’t seen the footage of today’s murderer at UofA, yet — he might be a crazy white guy. My friend Aaron’s wife just happened to be home from the nursing program, as was her friend. What a crazy world we live in. Sometimes even serial killers can surprise me now and then. Good thing no one took me up on that friendly wager! But, I still stick to the part about satellites being able to have found this guy a whole lot sooner. Time for me to close up for now. I’m tired and have an early morning meeting in Alameda.

I’m going to have pleasant dreams in a world filled with swarms of MFIs doing all of our reconnaissance work for us.
Sweet dreams,