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Legislation to Leech Freedoms May 25 2006

My Darwin Fish
June 19, 2005

Response to Vint Cerf's thoughts on future of Hollywood download
April 18, 2005

February 23, 2005

February 6, 2005

January, 2005

November, 2005

A Bottle of White, A Bottle of Red...
July 15, 2004

Auld Lang Syne, Paul
January 2, '04, 0230

At Risk...Your Civil Liberties
December, 27, '03, 0600

What I did on my summer vacation....
Sept 19, 2003

Dec 8,'02, 10:57AM

It's Getting Chilly in Here
Nov 24, 1:52 AM

Future Peace & The Axe at Hand
Nov 23/02 1:54AM

Halloween Currents
November 3, '02, 5:14PM

Reunions, Small Stuff & Bridges
October 29, '02, 2:14AM

In the Crosshairs
10/23/02, 10:23PM

Here Comes the Sun/Hope through Education
October 14, 02 / 2:26PM

Time Passages
October 13, 02, 1:22AM

10/4 8:05PM

Isn't it Ironic...Camouflaged Distractions & Privacy Issues
10/3/023, 2:33PM

7/12/02, 5:00PM, Today's ICANN Senate Hearing: an open letter from Sally Richards

5/19/02, 1:52PM, Shifting Winds

5/13/02, 10:50PM, In & Out...Earthquakes & Milling Men

RIP HP, 5/11/02 1:27PM

Jim Bidzos & his big, fat shrimp...tales from the RSA Conference

4/15/02, 10:26AM, April 15...time for reflection

2/15/02, 10:26PM, Spring has Sprung

12/14/01, 12:57PM, Long Way Down

11/22/01, 11:50AM Private Investigations…Public Denouements

10/8, 11:50PM, Writing, Watching, Waiting, Writing....

9/20/01, 4:48PM, Eel on the Rug

9/19/01, 4:17PM, End of the World as We Know it....

9/17/01, 6:55PM. Old Friend & Young Lives

9/17/01, 2:14PM, I've Seen the Lights go out on Broadway

9/15/01, 1:30AM, Burning the Candle at Both Ends

9/13/01, 9:37PM, Cousin Freddy & The Day the Music Died

9/12, 3:51AM, Death, 9/11 & Lessons Learned

9/3/01, 12:17AM, Caught up in the DMCA Whirlwind

7-30-01, 10:23PM, Waking up on the cover of the SF Chron

7-27-01, 5:50PM, Bread on the Floor

7-18-2001, 1:30AM, The Times Ahead, No Looking Back Now

7-13-01, 12:43AM, Of Congressmen & Wedding Dresses

6-24-2001, 2:04AM, Of Solstice & Avatars!

6-11-2001, 1:37AM, Gurrrls, Wonderful Gurrrls!

6-7-2001, 2:03AM, Of Dreams & New Projects

5-31-2001, 1:00AM, Long, Hard Falls & Hope

5-29-2001, 8:30PM, Of Hearts & Souls

5-25-2001, 2:25AM, Of Deadlines & Aftermath

4-16-2001, 12:07AM, The Crash