The Times Ahead, No Looking Back Now

The percentage you're paying is too high priced
While you're living beyond all you're means
And the man in the suit has just bought a new car
From the profit he's made on your dreams
But today you just read that the man was shot dead
By a gun that didn't make any noise
But it wasn't the bullet that laid him to rest
Was the low spark of high-heeled boys, high-heeled boys

If I gave you everything that I owned
And asked for nothing in return
Would you do the same for me as I would for you
Or take me for a ride
And strip me of everything including my pride
But spirit is something that no one destroys

Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys
— Traffic

Today I placed a bid for a Webvan annual report (“never read” the description said. Frankly I think all of them were never read — stock still sold as the company plummeted) on eBay. I heard they were also auctioning off the vans there too, but I didn’t find any. I thought it would be kind of cool to make a huge planter out of one. Oh well, the best laid plans…. The bid closes in five days, so I’ll let you know if I get the annual report: I think I’ll scan it and put it up on the site. How the hell do you report that you’ve actually burned through a billion dollars delivering groceries? That sucks. I loved the way KNTV broke the story around midnight the night before it made the rest of the press. Their cameras were set up in the parking lot as all of the sad Webvan boyz and gurrls came out to their cars with their belongings in little plastic bags and 80 hours severance pay. Now, up on eBay, there’s a tremendous amount of Webvan paraphenelia up for bid — lots of delivery shirts! I’ve got a whole closet of dot-com giveaways from that era — one of these days I’ll start an online museum of dot-death. Which leads us to the next topic….

Well one dot-com still doing great is ( — the site won the community award at the Webby’s tonight, a very cool glitz event with all of the digerati. You go, Craig!!!! Sixty percent of the awards won tonight at the Webbys ( went to companies that had nothing to do with e-commerce. Lots of happy people still being acknowledged with awards though. The weirdest site was PeterPan’s Home Page (…imagine that. ( also got an award, they are a very cool site. Unfortunately Travelocity ( won (commerce category) instead of — the site I was rooting for. won over in the category of education. Requiem For A Dream won best film site (GP will be happy about that one). And won the best personal website. BBC ( won over FreshAir ( — hope Terry Gross doesn’t slash her wrists over that one (I know that GP will hate that win). There were others, too, but I’m happy that Google won in the best practices category (whatever that means). Everyone was a winner because Vint Cerf was at the awards and made us all feel very validated with our big party at the end of a shitty year (this does mark the end of the year for some of us). One thing is certain flashy clothes are still in style, sometimes It’s strange thinking there are weirder clothes here than in LA. Always a good event, but it’ll be interesting to see if it outlasts the drought that has created the dot-com tumbleweeds blowing through SOMA. With all of this happiness and creativity still apparent, I guess everyone is just moving forward as best they can. I actually went to a friend's house and saw what something that made me take pause — he had been with five startups in the last four years — he had made a collage of his worthless stock certificates under the glass of a table. I put down my beer and just looked in awe — if any of those companies had done something, that table would have been worth many, many millions. I picked my beer up and asked him if he had a coaster, he answered, "Don't worry about it, the entire table is worth about twenty bucks. No regrets, though. No regrets." I did notice that each of the companies represented had gotten to big to quickly and were all about greed. Sold out to the man — the VCs who wanted quick returns.

Hey, Friday the 13th was soooo cool. Pat and I went out and had sushi that lasted forever — we ordered way too much sushi! Then we headed out to the city where we were supposed to hit three parties, and when we got there the number we had to call for directions for the first party and it was somebody’s desk phone ; -(
By then it was getting too late and we went over to the Cliff House….

On our way out we stopped to chat with Officer Michael Cameron a peace (or is that police?) officer with the Parks unit. He let us in on some cool technology as he warmed up the FLUR Night Shift apparatus. I know this sounds kinky — and god, was he beautiful, but it’s not what you think. It’s a night vision unit on top of the car with a huge monitor inside the car that allows you to see heat radiated objects — such as people getting it on in the bushes. What a cool toy. We started talking about life and love with him… Michael is originally from DC and says people from California have a completely l'affaire attitude toward the police. Which doesn’t make his job any easier. He said when he meets women — and this guy is a 26-year-old hottie — he withholds the fact he’s a cop until a few dates…maybe suggesting he delivers pizzas in his parent’s car (anything else than what he really does). Basically, it’s tough for a beautiful guy cop to get a date in the city of San Francisco (with a women). We had a fabulous time playing with his equipment (get your mind out of the gutter!). Then off to Ocean Beach we went to catch some beautiful surf and we lit a huge bonfire that some strange guys came and did a little dance around, that was a bit odd. Most of the guys were unemployed dot-commas looking for their next odd job to pay the rent. But for that night they were boyz right out of Lord of the Flies. At least for a few more hours.

Saturday morning was another fabulous Wild Women of Wonder over at Buck’s which was totally cool. Lots of new members and we had great conversations — we really know how to have fun! Jamis joined us for our meeting — every wonderful group of women needs a ringmaster sometimes…. Then it was off to visit Carla and Wes’ dog Boson where we played for a while. Carla threw out her back yesterday and I took Boson off to Kepler’s for coffee. I forgot what fun it is to have a big dog, big dogs have such a different attitude than small ones. And all 75 pounds of him wanted to sit up in my lap, so I pulled up another chair and we sat there together having a great time. I have a picture of his adorable self that I’ll be posting soon.

I went to see Implements of Torture (now at the Herbst Theater in the Presidio) with my friend Alex Polsky who was in town from Maryland. I saw the show when it was in Balboa Park in San Diego, this show is missing quite a few of the pieces in the exhibit I saw there. The weird thing was that I think I saw the Gorgeous Guy there (see talking to some blonde chick. I did shoot some footage of the sighting, I shot it from my hip so as not to be conspicuous (yeah, right). Then it was off to Bolinas where we had a very relaxing time in a town run by dogs — everyone has a dog, or should I say the dogs have people. You won’t see the people, but there was sure a lot of dogs milling about. I’m glad I brought my “just in case” biscuits — although because I’m a vegetarian I have these non-meant carob treats — some of the dogs looked at me like, you want me to eat THAT? Alex got a complete fix of the area when the seals came out to play in the cove. He made a funny comment that they look as happy as monkeys do — I guess they are just monkeys that have no fur and can float. They did look like they were completely living in the moment. I did get some serious editing done last weekend — the incubator book bluelines are due in a day, the book comes out in September.

Speaking of which, I better sign off now and get back to work. Tomorrow is WWoW poker night and I have a lot of editing still left.