Bread on the Floor

Chickity China the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'
Watchin X-files with no lights on,
we're dans la maison
I hope the Smoking man's in this one
Like Harrison Ford I'm getting Frantic
Like Sting I'm tantric
Like Snickers, Guaranteed to satisfy

Like Kurasawa I make mad films
Ok I don't make films
But if I did they'd have a Samurai
Gonna get a set a better clubs
gonna find the kind with tiny nubs
just so my iron's aren't always flyin off the back-swing
gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon
Cause the cartoon has got the boom anime babes
that make me think the wrong thing

Bare Naked Ladies, One Week
(these lyrics have absolutely nothing to do with any of this, but they sure are fun)

It’s been a good week. Had my head buried in the flatscreen (as far as a face can go into a flat screen, that is)…. Got a bunch of words captured on disk, that's always a good week.

Although I've been working hard, it's been a strange week of everyone else's incomplete/unsatisfactory tasks. Does it take that much more to do a job well done? I've been working on FutureNet to get it in by my September deadline. Got my blue lines (when editing changes are made to a manuscript) for my tech incubator/venture capital book back in. My publisher outsources this work. So I received an edited version that was bleeding – I nearly had a friggin’ heart attack when I got it. Hey, I may be a bit sloppy with punctuation, but this thing was RED. Well, I took it down to the beach for three days and tried to get into what the copy editor was saying. Although I began very open-minded, I ended up marking most of it STET (which is a fancy term in the publishing industry for “don’t even think about changing this.”). Well, the more I read it, the more I could see that the person editing the book was probably well-versed in maybe editing mainstream fiction, but not hardcore business/technology books. When someone is asking you to explain LLP or COO to the reader, well you know you have some problems. Apparently, the project manager from my publisher got a panicked call from the contractor, who then, in turn, called me. I explained the lack of knowledge the copy editor showed and they said no problem. So the relevant things got changed, I wasted three days on my already narrowing deadline and everything was A-okay again.

It was a pretty uneventful week -- hey, I'm on deadline. But, I did manage to get a few cool things in. Well, I saw the Bare Naked Ladies band play in a private concert this week – they are soooo cool. Also went to the preview for the Nash Bridges auction. Boy, the press sure ripped up Don Johnson in the last few years … that whole National Enquirer story about his adult bookstore purchases and the hotel room was a bit harsh. They did get the show well-syndicated before killing it, and now people can take some time off. The auction is this weekend – you can bid on some of the stuff up for sale including Cheech Marin’s and Don Johnson’s wardrobes (or at least what they’ve picked through and decided not to keep) and their dressing trailers. You can go to to find out more about the Treasure Island event. Going down the ailes looking at all of the sets and props and the vehicles was odd. I’m not that big of fan, but for a Friday night it wasn’t bad TV. But seeing all of it in pieces reminded me of the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer recreates the Merv Griffin set. Well. I just may go back this weekend to place a bid on the Hemicuda.

Speaking of cars…. I was on my way back from Stanford driving home when I noticed I was low on petrol. The only place to stop was Woodside Rd., so I exited and no sooner doing so came upon three fire trucks and five cop cars. A lightweight bike had been cast off to the side of the road. Burly (good looking) men in uniforms were gathered around someone, the cars were slowed to crawling speed. So, of course, it’s an accident, who can look away? I braced for the worse. There, sitting up, was the biker with two paramedics wrapping his finger in a splint with some police guys taking a report. Another SUV versus pedestrian encounter. Every time I go to Woodside lately I hear sirens – makes me nervous because I’m in the next canyon over and fire travel quickly in the dead of summer. And there was that body they found on the trails while looking for a missing woman from Stanford (who was riding a bike) a few weeks ago. Has anyone been following the number of women abducted in this area over the last three years who never show up again?! Jeez this town is getting a bit creepy.

I will tell you something disturbing that happened to me today in Woodside. I was bipping over to Buck’s where I happed to see Larry Ellison’s whole woodworking crew pulling back some brews, they’ve been at the billion dollar mansion for two years now. Actually, that wasn’t the disturbing part of this story, they’re all a happy, laughing crew of strapping young lads. The disturbing part was what lay in wait across the street. I went off to Robert’s to pick up dinner. Well, there I was at the counter getting some deli stuff and I was watching this woman put loaves of bread in this deep wooden drawer – actually there was a stack of stuff so all I could see through the glass deli counter was the drawer and the middle of her body where her arms were shoving this bread at a quick pace because she was probably off the clock. So I was watching her load up the bin with sandwich bread -- and BOOM, there go three loaves onto the floor! She quickly picked them up and stuffed them into the drawer. I called attention to the fact by saying “Hey, did anyone else see that?” The woman who was helping me went over and asked if she had done it, but she denied doing it. Meanwhile there are three floor swept loaves in the sandwich bin. What else did that pig do, spit-shine my olives? That was soooo disgusting. And this week at Lunardi’s, they forgot to put the flowers I purchased into my bags. I called up and asked them to have them delivered because it wasn’t my fault they left them out… jeez. What the hell do you have to do to get good service in this town? I tell you, Safeway is looking better and better these days. At least you don't have high expectations just because you're paying more money. At Safeway you know what you're going to get ... paper or plastic.

Tomorrow is the Wild Women of Wonder breakfast and I’m looking forward to meeting a few new members. Jamis gifted us with two Guest Men tomorrow, we’ll see how it goes. Pat’s back in town from her adventures in Malibu and we’re going to see the Liz Anah band, Etienne De Rocher and The Naked Barbies at The Hotel Utah up in The City, should be fun. Hey, we don't name the bands. We were invited, we just show up.

Did I mention that ATT Wireless was up 23 percent? That’s right, wireless is making a real play in this screwy market, and where everything else is down – wireless is going to be it, soon. And since we haven’t heard much more from Amazon – I mean NOTHING – since its CFO said they had enough money to cover the next quarter or so, I have a feeling news is on the horizon. Mighty Words laid off people today as did HP -- is it my imagination or hasn’t that company had any good news since the changing of the guard?

Ciao for now,