Spring has Sprung in Silicon Valley

Money can't buy it... baby
Sex can't buy it... baby
Drugs can't buy it... baby
You can't buy it... baby

I believe that love alone might do these things for you
I believe in love alone yeah yeah

Take the power to set you free
Kick down the door and throw away the key
Give up your needs...
Your poisoned seeds
Find yourself elected to a different kind of creed

Annie Lennox, Money Can't Buy It, Diva

Wow! I have been remiss. Wild AND remiss. Yesterday I was in such a great mood that it struck me…send a nice tin of pretzels to the president to show him that you care. Of course, credit card in had, I went to PopcornFactory.com and sent him a nice choke-size assortment. The card read…

Lapsus linguae!
Mr. President
Sally Richards

BTW...Lapsus linguae! is Latin for "slip of the tongue," which is what supposedly happened before he "swallowed wrong" and passed out — although normally it is not meant literally. His people will have fun looking that one up. I figured since English is definitely NOT his first language, perhaps Latin was second in line from Texan (he has been spending an awful lot of time hanging with the Pope and trying to figure out ways to sabotage stem cell research). So I figure maybe his advisors have been feeding him some Latin on the side to impress the Pope. Oh well, he knows where to find me. Besides, who the hell passes out on something because something is pressed up against a nerve when you're eating? I personally think he may have pulled a Geraldo and gave himself a big cheek shiner as a smoke screen — what else happened in the news for the last few days except the press commenting on the position of his dogs from the beginning of the choking until he came around. Frankly, he could have covered it up with makeup (and stayed out of the camera lens for a few days) and no one would have known any different. The symptoms he describes for his choking/fainting fit are a thousand to one. And why did they have to use “fainting” in the press release, makes it seem a bit girlish, like some anorexic starlet passing out from heat stroke on a sound stage. What’s that about? I want to know what was happening when the press was being fed this pabulum.

I’ve had a really full month. Lots of fun stuff with WiWoWo!!! I had an excellent time talking with reporter Deborah Brauscum with Fortune.com about WiWoWo today, I expect the piece will run in a few weeks.

I’m gearing up for the Waterside (Waterside.com) conference at the end of the month where I’ll be speaking about open source and the DMCA — my two favorite topics these days. I'll post the link in the press room.

I passed on the Digital Be-In this year to go to a huge bash hosted by Brad Templeton (EFF Chairman) and his partner Kathryn at their after holidays party — lots of interesting people, many from the EFF (www.EFF.org). Thursday I was over at Donna & Kevin Compton’s, they just purchased two campers and are getting ready to make the long trek to Burning Man. We’ll have a WiWoWo camp this year…we’re getting ready for Burning Bride, a Sally Richards production…100 women burning their wedding dresses like palms in a firestorm. A backup band and performance art. Single men to catch women jumping off the stage. A fabulous time will be had by all.

Sunday I went to Peter Wiley’s and Valerie’s fabulous after-holiday bash and myself and some of the WiWoWoans sang back-up for Kathi Kamen Goldmark’s band Train Wreck down at the 23 Club where we had a great time with Peter McConnell and Michael Land joining in the band. Kathi is writing a book that will be out in a few months from Chronicle Books, and she has a band called Rock Bottom Remainders, a fabulous band that includes Stephen King, Amy Tan, Dave Barry lot of cool writers, check out www.DQYDJ.com. And that was a great party…and that interesting man named Gabriel with the smooth words and the beautiful eyes…. It’s always the ones with the names of angels that will break your heart.

Last week I sat down to dinner with Jeff Ubois (www.ubois.com) and his dinner club. He runs his groups like mine, but with a smaller number of people for more intimate conversation. There were about a dozen of us, all in the tech field — I was the token chick. Although I certainly didn’t feel that way. I really enjoyed my conversations with these really intelligent, crative and charming guys. We laughed a lot. The topic? Future predictions — I threw in the whole Microsoft buying Gateway for this year (again). Although I still feel that Bill will purchase AT&T at some point (probably after they file Chapter 11 when they find they can’t deliver bandwidth cheaper than their smaller competitors who will move right up the ranks quickly. Moore’s Law will prove itself ineffective this year. It was a great time and I got to see Jeff again at Brad Templeton’s party.

I’ve been working a lot lately, too. It’s not all parties and meetings for me (although more lately than not). I finished off a piece I’m sending off to my agent to send to the New Yorker. A fiction piece! It’s so nice to finally be writing something really, really cool again. I started a new writer’s group called PeInkPub (Pen, Ink, Publish), mostly with professional nonfiction writers who want to start writing fiction again. I love this group, we have a lot of fun, and that's what it's really all about. This gurrrl does just want to have fun. And WiWoWo poker games start up again in two weeks! Ahhhh, our decadent games where we have a guest man who has to prove himself “wish worthy.” Ah yes, these are fun times in the Valley!

So what has happened lately? Hmmm… Well that whole Enron (funny how Microsoft’s spell check has that word in its dictionary), KMART says it might go bankrupt, semiconductors are in the crapper (finally the kings are being humbled).

And love. Love lost and love found. All around me my friends are talking about budding and trashed relationships. A friend asked me when it’s too early to date after a relationship…how soon is too soon? I thought about it. Since she still sees their ex every once in a while, I thought long and hard about it and called her back the next day. I finally came up with an answer. I guess ending a relationship is like a death…and like death there has to be a period of mourning, right? I mean if you had a close friend die and you could still talk to them by phone it wouldn’t be like their was any closure, just like they were living in France, or somewhere you wouldn’t be visiting anytime soon, right? So, I guess to start the mourning, you really have to call the TOD (as my coroner friends call it). Time Of Death. It has to physically die. I guess I’m too efficient at permanently severing relationships after TOD. And keeping my minor affairs completely private so my friends don’t get attached to the men “I bring home” to meet them. If that happens, then your friends have to go through a mourning period for your boyfriend, too. You know…Jeez, "Too bad Jeff (or Frank, or Chaz, etc.) isn’t around anymore, he’d really like this play — he was a good guy." Jeez! Then you have to wage this whole PR campaign that completely wipes him from their minds.

Anyhow, I think love is in the air again. Spring has nearly sprung. And summer dresses are in the catalogs that fill my mailbox. I’m finding myself buying lots of heart jewelry and my dance card has been filled lately. It’s nice, people are finding time for romance. I guess this is what happens in a downturn in the economy, people fall in love. How fucking sappy, but, alas, true. Relationships are also ending — one of my best gal pals threw her boy pal out the door and regained her independence recently, I’m setting her up soon with a completely cool guy I know. Yenta at work. And I’ve been receiving completely anonymous sweet cards (one of them from a mysterious J.) from ecard sites. Love on the Net, what more could a gurrrl geek want? Yes, spring has sprung on Silicon Valley, and we weren’t even expecting it would happen in a downturn. Good things happen in recessions/depressions, as my friend Jamis MacNiven says, “The only difference between a recession and a depression is if it’s happening to you.”

On that note, I shall bid you a fine night and a profitable New Year. And great sex whenever and wherever you can get it. And yes, oh yes, a love with greater depth than the Aurora Borealis.